Best Mini Fridges in India 2020 & Buying Guide and Reviews

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Top 8 Mini Refrigerators to Buy in India

Summer is around the corner and we often move across the living room to reach the refrigerator at kitchen to access ice cold water and beverages. Well, we all have a fridge at home, perhaps in the kitchen to serve us with food, veggies and desserts. But, would you care to get up in the middle of the night and walk through the hallway to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water? How about getting a can of chilled water and some snacks in the middle of the movie right at your bedside? Yes, we know you love this idea. You can stock your bedroom or your kid’s room and of course your office cabin with a mini fridge.

Mini fridges can also be an ideal solution if you are venting on a vacation with your family for a long trip during the summer holidays. We are sure a best mini fridge can find a place in your car trunk and serve you with chilled beverages even in your holiday destination. These mini fridges are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and have variant functionalities to meet your inherent needs.

As experts in reviewing refrigerators and mini fridges for a while, we have researched and listed down 8 best mini fridges to buy in India along with buying guide for you to help you with your purchase decision.

Leonard 120L Double Door Mini Fridge

leonard 120l double door mini fridge

This mini fridge, Leonard 120L double door, is designed with inverter technology for better durability. It is compact and spacious refrigeration that fits almost anywhere. The two door refrigerator features an ice cube tray, scraper, vegetable drawing with toughened glass shelves and a slide out shelf for easy cleaning and access. It features a more advanced and an energy efficient compressor. Its compressor saves energy by adjusting its cooling power, in relation to the quantum of food that is stored.

Its multi air cooling capability ensures even cooling throughout the refrigerator. There is multi flow air vents located all through the refrigerator, helping to keep food fresh and healthy for a long time. Its adjusting shelves configure to make room for taller items and thus help to keep the fridge organized. The crisper drawer helps to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time. There is also a separate compartment to keep the drinks and popsicles cool for a long time in summer, along with an ice tray.


  • Dispense a can storage bin that fits up to 6 cans.
  • Reversible door design.
  • Energy star certified by the US EPA.
  • Perfect for home gyms, dorm rooms, and game rooms.
  • Anti-fungal gasket to prevent the buildup of bacteria and fridge.


  • The product is relatively expensive.

Black and Decker BCRK25V Mini Refrigerator

black and decker bcrk25v mini refrigerator

The Black and Decker refrigerator with freezer is one of the best cooling units that can adorn your home or office cabin. It is extremely spacious with two full width glass shelves. It is possible to store things up to 12 OZ at the door of the fridge. You can keep cans and a full two-liter bottle at the side door. There is also a full width freezer compartment with an ice cube tray. You can fit this mini fridge in about anywhere, thanks to its reversible door and space saving flat back design.

The adjusting thermostat control and leveling legs help with ultimate versatility for the user. Users are entitled with one-year warranty on the parts and labor and two years’ warranty on the compressor. The shelves of this fridge are removable and thus you can customize its interiors in any way you want.  The freezer with an ice tray is perfect to keep ice creams and ready to eat food within the reach of the hand. Its temperature control system is intelligent enough to adjust the level of cooling based on the load.


  • Spacious freezer.
  • Spacious side door and inside compartments.
  • Adjustable shelves.


  • The back of the refrigerator is exposed to elements.
  • The compressor is a bit noisy.

Haier 52L Direct Cool Refrigerator

haier 52l direct cool refrigerator

This mini refrigerator from Haier is one of the most elegant, sleek and a mini fridge that occupies very little space with excellent performance. It offers the best cooling experience and works effortlessly with its advanced technology. It is ideal for bachelors and hostel rooms as there is enough room to store meals, drinks, dairy products, and pickles. The capacity of this fridge is about 52 liters and its energy rating is 3 stars. There is no need for a stabilizer and there is optimal protection against power fluctuation. Its 52-liter storage functionality helps to keep all the processed beverages and keeps them fresh for hours.

The fridge functions without any noise, thanks to its low noise and vibration compressor. It comes with a 32 dB low vibration and super mute compressor to help with its noiseless operation. The fridge features a recess handle that gives an aesthetic feel and is convenient for opening as well. Its dedicated ice zone helps to get the ice cubes in proper shape and stores the ice dishes within a small and a compact freezer. There is also an anti-fungal gasket that is easy to remove, easy to clean and easy to fix again. This helps in keeping microbial invasion at bay.


  • 5 years’ warranty on the compressor.
  • Enough room to store different staples.
  • Stabilizer free operation.
  • Low noise and vibration compressor.


  • Cools slower than larger fridges.
  • Requires manual defrosting.
  • 3-star energy rating.

Kitchoff HY50 Mini Refrigerator

kitchoff hy50 mini refrigerator

Kitchoff India is the country’s leading manufacturers of refrigerators that have a capacity of about 50 liters. It is a perfect addition for bachelor rooms, home, and office and for hostel rooms. The fridge is made up of Aluminum and the door of the fridge is made from toughened glass. Thus you can virtually see what is inside the fridge without opening the door. Its absorption and compressor technology helps in keeping the home and the office both efficient and environment-friendly.

The fridge features only one shelf but is still spacious enough to store chilled drinks, cold beverages and snacks. There is also an anti-bacterial gasket that helps with germ protection. There are different adjusting buttons to both increase and decrease the temperature. Number one is warm, three is for medium temperature and 5 is the coldest. For the efficient working of the refrigerator, it is important to use a 15 ampere dedicated socket.


  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Adjustable temperature control.
  • Anti-germ gasket.


  • There are no lights inside the refrigerator.
  • The refrigerator needs 24 hours’ power supply for optimal functioning.

Mitashi 52L Refrigerator

mitashi 52l refrigerator

The Mitashi bedroom refrigerator features an excellent design and is designated to offer a fresh and healthy experience to the user. This is one of the best mini fridges that is compact to fit into any space and helps to enhance the elegance of the bedroom or a hotel room with its metallic body. This fridge helps with the best cooling functionality and is thus ideal for storing water bottles, fruits, juice bottles, cans and even medicines. There is a big bottle guard to help store drinking water bottles, milk containers, and juice in the fridge door.

It makes use of R600A refrigerant that renders the best performance in faster cooling and excellent thermodynamic performance resulting in lower environmental impact and 0% ozone depletion potential. The energy star rating for this fridge is 2 stars and is thus efficient in saving money and electricity. It operates efficiently without a stabilizer and assures the best balance of power fluctuations. It also keeps its cooling and performance intact. The refrigerator features a manual defrost system, mechanical temperature control, small freezer compartment and an ice tray.


  • R600A refrigerant that gives the best performance and fast cooling.
  • Stabilizer free operation.
  • 5 years’ warranty on compressor.
  • Adjustable leg.


  • 2-star rating for energy efficiency.
  • No light in the freezer compartment.
  • Lock and key mechanism is not very effective.

Whirlpool 46 L Mini Refrigerator

whirlpool 46 l mini refrigerator

The whirlpool mini refrigerator has a capacity of 46 liters and is compact and ideal for bedroom use. It is ergonomically designed and its recess handle renders the best ease of use. This is an energy efficient refrigerator that comes with three-star energy rating, helping users to save big on their electricity bills. There are two dedicated door racks rendering additional storage space for snacks. The door racks are spacious and good enough to store juice packs, sauces and spreads and cold drinks.

There is a dedicated chocolate tray that is compact and easy to remove, that is good enough to hold butter, cheese and chocolates. The fridge is capable of storing up to 30 cans in one go and makes a perfect companion for small parties. It also comfortably stores up to 11 half liter bottles in one time, to ensure that you never run out of chilled and ready to serve beverages. This mini fridge ensures stabilizer free operation and renders seven different cooling modes. You would love it for its inbuilt ice maker that churns out water into ice within a short time.


  • Stabilizer free operation.
  • Seven cooling modes.
  • Inbuilt ice-maker.
  • Large storage system.
  • 10 years’ warranty on compressor.


  • The refrigerator heats up pretty fast.
  • Manual defrosting system.

LG 45L Direct Cool Refrigerator

lg 45l direct cool refrigerator

This is ready to use the refrigerator that is ready to use soon after delivery. It does not require any installation or demo. Being a mini-refrigerator, it cools slower than larger fridges. Its capacity is about 45 liters and is good enough to meet the needs of bachelors and hostel rooms. This mini-fridge features a large door basket, allowing you to store bigger bottles at ease. It features a separate freezer compartment with a temperature regulator to preserve the freshness and texture of food. As its door shelves can bear heavy items, you can literally store anything at ease.

The set voltage range of operation for the LG refrigerators is between 140 and 290 volts. Thus this fridge can run even without the help of a stabilizer. Its fixed gasket system is designed to create an airtight seal and thus serve as a barrier between the cool air inside the fridge and the warm external environment.


  • The stylish design of the fridge serves as a style statement to home interiors.
  • Separate freezer compartment.
  • Five years’ warranty on the compressor.


  • One-star energy rating.
  • Cools slower than larger refrigerators.
  • Fridge heats up very fast.

Koryo 45L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

koryo 45l direct cool single door refrigerator

This mini refrigerator from Koryo features direct cooling and this single door refrigerator is ideal for bedrooms, guest rooms, and hotels. It can also be converted into a minibar and be used in small parties and get together. The capacity of this fridge is about 45L, which is good enough to store and stock a series of bottles and food. The fridge features toughened glass shelves, drip tray, and ice and egg tray. This is an eco-friendly refrigerant that makes use of R600a for its operations.

This mini fridge works without a stabilizer and has a warranty for five years on its compressor and one year for the product. It features a clean black design and a silver VCM finish door, adding to its ambience. Its lock and key mechanism function pretty well as well. Its shelves are durable as they are of toughened glass, good enough to hold 120kg load without collapsing. The shelves are removable and adjustable, good enough to customize the unit.


  • Runs smooth and quiet without making much noise.
  • Stabilizer free operation.
  • Clean back design with drip tray.


  • The refrigerator cools very slowly.
  • The freezer doesn’t make ice consistently.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in Your Mini Fridge?

There are a number of several features that you have to consider while purchasing a mini fridge. One important factor to be kept in mind is to choose a unit according to the space constraints. Other tips and features to look for in a mini fridge are as follows.

  1. Size of the fridge:

The size of the mini fridge is generally small compared with the standard refrigerators that are used in the kitchen. Mini fridges that are larger are generally long lasting and they consume very less energy. Choose a mini fridge that occupies the correct space, based on the space constraints you have.

  1. Choose a fridge with adjusting shelves:

If you wish to use the mini fridge to the maximum extent possible, then you should choose a unit with adjusting shelves. They render more space to store food items and drinks. Fridges with stable storage mechanism may not come handy with your storing requirements. Mini fridges with adjusting storage system help in organizing the food items and the drinks in a better way.

  1. Type of mini fridge doors:

The mini fridge with a single door offers more space for storing supplies, but the section of the freezer will divide the temperature. Thus it is a good idea to look for fridges with double door or reversible door. Choose a double door mini fridge if you want a separate freezer door. A reversible door is easy to use and opens either from left to right or from right to left. It also helps to fit the fridge perfectly in its space. You can alter the type of opening depending on the space available to place the fridge.

  1. Noise control:

Mini fridges are capable of emitting loud noises, and this can be a problem to you. The noise is owing to its compact size and the cooling function or the wrong placement of the mini fridge. Choose a model that emits less noise, especially if you are placing it in your bed room or the guest room. Ensure that guests don’t get annoyed by the noisy mini fridge.

  1. Compressor absorption features:

The compressor and the absorption power of the fridge is the primary component to look for while choosing a mini refrigerator. Pick fridges that are good in their specifications so as to amplify their usage and save on the electricity bill.

  1. Warranty:

This is one of the primitive features to check with any purchase. Longer the warranty period, greater is the quality of the item. Also if there is any dent in the mini fridge, or any of its parts require replacement, then its warranty comes handy. Ensure to check every single detail in the policy before buying the product.

  1. Miscellaneous features:

There are a number of new additions being made with the mini fridges as technology advances. Some of the modern day fridges come with an automatic defrost system without any manual intervention. Some of them are attractively designed and come in the shape of a can or baggage to get them easy and efficient for travel. Some of the modern day mini fridges come with an alarm feature and 3D doors as well.

Mini fridge FAQs:

Q. What is the life span of a mini fridge?

The life span of the mini fridge depends on the type and the extent of the use it has been put through. It also depends on other factors such as load capacity, proper maintenance and cleaning, frosting and defrosting function, etc. A well maintained fridge will definitely work for 14 to 18 years without any trouble. The lifespan also depends on the size and the model.

Q. How much energy does a mini fridge consume?

On average, a mini fridge can consume about 239 kilowatts per hour.

Q. What is the difference between a mini fridge and a regular refrigerator?

The major difference between the two is the consumption of electricity. A mini fridge has limited features owing to its small size. But they are extremely helpful for small spaces and for traveling.

Q. How to maintain the fridge perfectly?

After arranging the food and the drinks inside the fridge, it is important to make sure that it is checked for cleanliness almost every week. Check for spills and for spoilt food items. It is also a good idea to keep a box of baking soda inside the fridge to absorb any odor.

Q. How should I move the mini fridge?

It is important to always keep the fridge in an upright position. Its mechanics demands that it is kept vertically at all times.

Final Thoughts

Mini fridges are excellent additions to your home and office to help you with cooled drinks and preserved food at all time. Perhaps they may not have an automatic ice dispenser or an inbuilt water filter, but they come handy in greeting and serving your guests and yourself, anytime and at anyplace. Though they are not aimed at rendering excellent luxury, they are by all chance a necessity that comes handy in most situations. We hope our product recommendations and our buying guide will help you in choosing the best mini fridge for your home before the sun starts to encroach us.

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