Best Air Cooler in India Complete Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Written by Mohini

The evolution of technology has definitely made our lives easier by manufacturing tons of useful equipment. One of them is the best air cooler in India that does a miracle in summer for the body. There are tons of models in the market that can confuse the mind of buyers resulting in making the wrong choice.

At this platform, we have pledged to help the community by providing the right information. It will help decide the right option and allow them to save a great sort of money. We have created a list of top 7 best air coolers to shop in India in 2020. Your job is to check out all the models carefully and end up buying the perfect one.

Symphony Diet 35T Sleek and Powerful Tower Air Cooler (Editor’s Choice)

The list is going to begin with the awesome Symphony Diet 35T that is considered perfect for a room up to 50 cubic meters. The manufacturer offer a year warranty from the defects that ensure you stay free from worries. The main feature of this unit is its highly effective honeycomb cooling pad and cool flow dispenser. Having this thing ensures that the room has excellent cooling. Furthermore, it comes with quite a powerful pump that allows the users to maintain cooling for a long time.

The exceptional unit comes with a highly convincing control panel using which you can control the fan speed and cooling settings. The carrying capacity of water is nearly 35 litres that make it suitable for hot spaces. The company has also keep the convenience of the buyers in mind by providing the multi-directional wheels. Overall, it is a complete package that anyone will love to shop for their home.


  • Extremely productive cooling system.
  • Very convenient to move from one place to another.
  • Crafted in a very slim shape.
  • Super affordable option to option.


  • Little bit narrower front air outlet.
  • Difficult to see the water level.

Bajaj Platini PX97 (Runners Up)

The next one is an all-season unit equipped with a pretty solid fan that makes it perfect for a hot climate. The majority of people living in coastal areas use the PX97 model to get relief from the humidity. It comes with a special feature in the form of humidity control using which the effects of humidity can be counteracted. Moreover, the evaporative cooling gets facilitated with this impressive technology. It is manufactured by one of the leading brands like Bajaj who always sell top quality products.

There is padding provided by the company on all sides of the cooler for quick evaporation and cooling. They can be removed, washed, and reused according to the requirement. Moreover, there is a pretty unique Chill Trap technology used in this cooler for instant evaporation.


  • Solid 36-liter capacity.
  • Equipped with a three-way speed control system.
  • Easy to move with caster wheels.
  • Perfect for coastal regions.


  • The motor has low power.
  • Air throwing capacity could have been better.

Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler (Best Under RS 10,000)

If you are looking for an air cooler with improved capacity, then this desert air cooler from the Crompton brand is the right choice to make. It has a capacity of nearly 75 liters making this equipment ideal for rooms up to 550 square feet. The presence of 4-way deflection and proper airspeed control result in making cooling better and convenient.

The company has also added a separate ice chamber where you can put ice cubes for getting the ultimate level of cooling. It has a very sleek and portable design having 75 liters of water that make sure you don’t have to fill the tank multiple times. If you are up for enjoying an impressive cooling on the hot summer days, then you should invest money in this unit without any further wait.


  • Crafted in a completely rust-free body.
  • Very easy to clean with a simple cloth.
  • Provide extremely warm cooling.
  • Capable of cooling a larger area.


  • Little bit intolerable noise.
  • Very costly to shop.

Orient Electric Smartcool DX CP1601H (Best Under RS 6,000)

The people who are looking for an extremely affordable option don’t need to look further than DX CP1601H without any further research. Despite being an affordable option, this unit has a wonderful water retention capability that boosts the ability of cooling. It is backed by three years warranty from the company’s end that ensures you can shop the unit with complete peace of mind.  It is available in three variants with a capacity of 16, 20, and 35 liters. The company body is made using ABS plastic material that is capable of lasting long the same for years. It is guaranteed that you are going to love the performance of this incredible unit.

This beautiful product is available in two beautiful colors, i.e., white and grey. The unique thing about this unit is that you will get three years of anti-rust warranty on this model. Additionally, the air delivery is brilliant and cool off the room in minutes even in the harsh Indian cities. Overall, we want to say that it has all the features that an average buyer will look in an air cooler.


  • Equipped with dust filter.
  • Backed by a three-year warranty.
  • Extremely solid body.
  • Provide four-way cooling.


  • After-sales service is very bad.
  • Slightly costly to buy.

Crompton Honeycomb Desert Cooler (Best for Easy Cleaning)

If you are looking for a unit that can be cleaned with ease, then shop this unit from the Crompton brand. It is a fully loaded desert cooler that is action-packed with spectacular features that you are going to love for sure. The air delivery of 4,200 m2 per hour makes sure the system stays clean brilliantly. There is a water level indicator that ensures you get the information about the levels of water.

The manufacturer has added a cooling Honeycomb pad that makes sure cooling stays at best. There are high-quality ABS and thermoplastic used for providing solidity to the system. The total capacity of this best air cooler in India is nearly 88 liters that are quite satisfactory. Also, you will get an ice chamber for getting additional cooling when required. The presence of five castor wheels results in better movement from one place to another.


  • Impressive & convenient movement.
  • Manufactured using brilliant ABS plastic.
  • Three different speed modes.
  • Excellent air delivery.


  • Very costly option to shop.
  • Minor complaints about the filter.

Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler (Best for Low Noise)

There are lots of people who find it difficult to deal with the noise of cooler as it interrupts their sleep. We have added this air cooler for such individuals so that they can have a relaxing sleep. You can enjoy a very strong air delivery in the presence of the Havells Celia. This unit comes with a fully functioning remote system that helps in making cooling convenient. There is full prevention from dust and insects provided with fully collapsible louvers attached to the unit.

The unit is reviewed very positively since the launch by the buyers. It is a classic combination of low noise and super fast cooling system. The main downside of the unit is its 55-liter capacity that could have been improved. Other than that, this product doesn’t disappoint the buyers in any manner. It comes with a cord winding station where you can store the electric cord in a clutter-free manner.


  • Equipped with anti-erosion & anti-bacterial pad.
  • Excellent cord winding station.
  • Produces very little noise.
  • Chilled air with ice chamber.


  • Maintenance costs more than other models.
  • Very low water capacity.

Symphony Ice Cube Air Cooler (Best Budget-friendly Pick)

The product list is going to end up with an extraordinary unit available at a very affordable price. It has dura pump technology that boosts the life of the filter to a greater extent. The attachment of excellent cool flow dispenser makes the channelized water distribution better for eliminating heating perfectly. The company has added an automatic vertical swing that makes sure the distribution becomes easier. You can enjoy very sound sleep due to its whisper performance.

It has strong wheels that boost the mobility of the equipment. The pure and effective cooling system helps in eliminating heat pretty quickly. Three side honeycomb cooling pads are making sure cooling stays maintained for a long time. Overall, this unit is brilliant enough to buy for those who want to shop a high-quality product at an affordable price.


  • Three-speed motor for effective cooling.
  • Equipped with dura-pump technology.
  • Proper air distribution.
  • Affordable option to shop.


  • Dust filter quality is very poor.

How to Choose The Best Air Cooler in India?

There are many factors that need to be checked before finalizing the final model. A great number of people don’t know much about them that affects their purchase later. We have mentioned them in detail with a proper explanation below:

Water Tank Capacity: There is an evaporative cooling method used by air coolers where water is converted into vapor. That’s why the cooler must have the adequate capacity that should be at least 25 liters.

Anything less than that won’t be useful for the buyers. The models are available even with more than 90 liters, so you should appropriately.

Cooling Pads: The next thing that you need to check in an air cooler is its cooling pad that directly affects the quality of cooling. There is usually cellulose or aspen used for making these pads.

We suggest the ones that made from aspen as they are thicker in size and ask for low maintenance.

Construction: Another trending thing that everyone should check in the air cooler is its design. Nowadays, the companies are manufacturing this equipment in a sleek design as they take less space.

Also, please ensure that the air cooler comes with castor wheels for easier mobility. It helps in making movement easier and convenient.

Add-ons: Always look for what kind of add-ons you want in the air cooler. It can be a small design or remote control function or even speed controlling.

It is important that you shop the unit as per that to ensure your home has a convenient cooling.

Budget: Last but not the least; you should have a look at the price of the air cooler carefully. The air coolers are available for as low as RS 5000 and can even surpass RS 20,000.

However, we suggest that you should shop for the model according to the capacity of your pocket. Don’t put too much pressure on the pocket due to lucrative advertising made by the company.


Here it is! we believe that this guide has helped you in selecting the best air cooler in India. Please be clear about the cooler you want adequately. If you still have a query in your mind regarding this equipment, please write about it in the comment section. Our team will respond to your queries soon.

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