Top 12 Best Ac in India to Purchase in 2020 Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Written by Naina

Are you in search of the best AC in India to purchase in 2020? If, yes, then you have indeed landed in the right place. In summers, you can experience very humid and hot weather conditions in India.

Therefore with such a climate, it is quite difficult to survive with a ceiling fan. This is where Air conditioners come into play as it helps to keep indoor quite cool and pleasant.

Also, with the advancement of technology, several AC brands have emerged in the Indian market. They offer a wide range of products each claiming to be the best.

This scenario can indeed make the customers quite confused to select the right product. Hence, to help out our users, we have come up with the list of the best ac in India.

Also, an exclusive buying guide has been written such that you can bring home the right air conditioner.

So, without any further delay, let us see the list of the products divided in 2

Carrier 1.5 Ton CAI18DN3R39F0 3 Star Inverter Split AC

carrier 1.5 ton cai18dn3r39f0 3 star inverter split ac

This is the first product that makes it to our list of the best AC in India. Carrier is known for manufacturing a top-notch range of air conditioners.

Besides this, it offers superb cooling capacity and offers very good customer service. It is perhaps a low cost and high-performance AC that is designed to fulfil all the needs that you might be having.

Moreover, it is equipped with a copper condenser and thus it has low maintenance cost & thereby it is highly efficient. All these make it quite ideal for using it at your home.

Also, it comes along with a PM 2.5 filter that helps in improving the air quality. The product also helps in removing all kinds of air pollutants.

Lastly, it comes along with a sleep mode feature through which AC can be turned off automatically while you are asleep.


  • It is quite energy efficient.
  • It comes along with 2.5 PM filter.
  • The product has copper condenser.


  • It is a bit costly.

Lloyd 1.5 Ton Hot & Cold Inverter Split Ac

lloyd 1.5 ton hot & cold inverter split ac

If you are looking to purchase the best AC in India, then this product should be in your bucket list. It is both hot & cold type of AC and it has an operating range of 10 degrees to 48 degrees.

Another important feature that you can access in this AC is the 10 step inverter technology. Through this, the compressor operates according to the room temperature that you might be having.

Furthermore, the frequency of operation is changed accordingly. Thus, it provides accurate cooling such that you can save power and perhaps get maximum comfort. Lloyd LS18H31LF also offers 4D express cooling and thus air is taken from four different sides.

Additionally, it also helps in reducing the run time of the compressor. Thus, you can experience a lot more uniform and efficient cooling. Besides this, in this AC copper coils are being used that offers long term durability & low maintenance cost.

The AC is also power-packed with BLDC motor which is perhaps 30% more efficient as compared to conventional motors.

Lastly, it comes along with a self-clean feature using which evaporator coil is cleaned automatically.


  • It offers 4D express cooling.
  • The product is an all-climate AC.
  • It is equipped with a self-clean feature.


  • After-sales service can be improved.

Daikin Ftl60tv16u5 1.8 Ton 3 Star Split Ac

daikin ftl60tv16u5 1.8 ton 3 star split ac

This is another product that makes it to our list of the best AC in India to purchase. It is backed with KATAI technology through which the longevity and durability of the air conditioners are increased.

Besides this, it also comes along with the power-saving mode through which the power consumption is limited. Hence, in this way electricity bills are reduced.

Moreover, this air conditioner also offers you the option of self-diagnosis. Through this, errors can be automatically detected and further displayed on the remote screen.

Thereby, diagnosing the error becomes quite easy. It can also be reported to Daikin authorized service center for the resolution purpose. With this air conditioner, you also get radiant cooling and thus you can enjoy the best air-conditioning experience.

Also, the air is circulated at the different corners of the room and thus a wonderful ambiance is created. The best part of this product is that it comes along with stabilizer free operation between the ranges of 161 V to 264 V.


  • It comes along with KATAI technology.
  • The product offers radiant cooling.
  • It has stabilizer free operation.


  • It is a bit expensive.

Blue Star Ic315aatu 1.25 Ton 3-star Inverter Split Ac

blue star ic315aatu 1.25 ton 3-star inverter split ac

If you are looking to beat the scorching heat, then this split AC from Blue star can be the best option for you. Blue star IC315AATU comes along with a self-diagnosis feature that provides alert just in case there is a fault in the operation.

With the help of such error codes, all the issues can be easily troubleshot. It also comes along with Golden Hydrophilic Fin that enhances the durability as well as provides resistance against corrosion.

Besides this, the iFeel sensor is also present which can make the environment around you quite comfortable. It is also an aesthetically designed AC that comes along with a hidden light-up display that can well and truly adds class to your property.

Another interesting thing about this air conditioner is that it offers the Turbo Mode feature. Through this feature, you can get effective and faster cooling in just a few minutes.

The best part is that it offers Self-clean functionality and therefore any kind of mold, moisture, and dust is prevented from accumulation.

Furthermore, it offers a very comfortable sleep as it can sense the indoor temperature. Lastly, the temperature is adjusted accordingly.


  • It has a turbo mode feature.
  • It offers self-clean functionality.
  • The product comes along with self-diagnosis feature.


  • It consumes a bit more energy.

Hitachi Rsog518hcea 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split Ac

hitachi rsog518hcea 1.5 ton 5 star inverter split ac

This is yet another product from Hitachi that features on our list of the best AC in India. With the 5 star rating, the following inverter Split AC from Hitachi is quite energy efficient.

Hence, you are going to save a lot in terms of energy bills. Another exciting feature that you can get with this product is one-touch super silent. Therefore, you can enjoy quite a comfortable sleep.

Besides this, it also offers Auto fan speed that can be easily adjusted as per your requirement. Hitachi RSOG518HCEA is equipped with a turbo cool feature that can offer efficient cooling in a very short period.

Lastly, it offers 1 year on the product and perhaps 5 years on the compressor.


  • It offers turbo mode feature.
  • The product comes along with automatic fan speed.
  • It is quite energy efficient.


  • It is available at an expensive price tag.

Lg Ks-q18wnzd 1.5 Ton 5 Star Ac

lg ks-q18wnzd 1.5 ton 5 star ac

LG KS-Q18WNZD air conditioner is equipped with an auto-clean feature that can prevent the mold or bacteria from breeding. It is also equipped with a dual inverter compressor that offers fast cooling. Thus, in the process, you can save a lot.

Besides this, it has a cooling score of 5.  Thus you can get great cooling performance even at a temperature that is high ambient. This 5 star AC from LG is also equipped with special ocean black protection. It protects both the outdoor & Indoor units.

Hence, you can enjoy exceptional durability for the air conditioner that you might be having. Also, it features Himalaya cool Technology that can provide you cooling instantly while you would switch on the air conditioner.

Also, with the help of active energy control feature the power consumption is limited to the range of 40% to 80%. Hence, in the process, 57% of energy would be saved. Lastly, another feature that you will get in this product is Low refrigerant detection and thus you can save a lot of money.


  • It uses copper condenser coil.
  • The product comes along with double filtration system.
  • You get access to low refrigerant detection feature.


  • After-sales service could have been better.

Voltas DZA R32 1.5 Ton 3-star windows AC

voltas dza r32 1.5 ton 3-star windows ac

This windows AC is perfect for all kinds of weather and thus it can provide you with refreshing cool air all the time.

It is perhaps an all-weather AC and it comes along with multi-stage filtration and active dehumidifier.

Another interesting aspect of this product is that it can provide you with instant cooling even at 50 degrees.

Also, it is manufactured using 100% copper which is quite durable and therefore it delivers quite an efficient cooling.

There is also Eco Mode available with this product that can help out in power consumption optimization and thus you can save on your electricity bills.

Besides this, Turbo mode functionality is also available with this product that can help to cool the room quite instantly.

Also, the failures and abnormalities are checked instantly by the following AC and thus you can reset quite instantly.

Lastly, it comes along with sleep mode using which the temperature is cut down for excessive cutting and thus you can easily sleep comfortably.


  • Turbo mode feature is available with this product.
  • You get access to Self-diagnosis option.
  • 100% copper condenser coil is used.


  • Noise level of this AC is a bit high.

O General AXGT18FHTC Windows AC

o general axgt18fhtc windows ac

Any list of the best AC in India won’t be complete until and unless we don’t include the products from O general.

O general is known for manufacturing top quality air conditioners that are durable and powerful.

The following product is no different and it is made using 100% copper condenser. Besides this, it also includes a hyper tropical rotatory compressor.

Besides this, it also offers a cooling capacity of 5370 watts which is perhaps the maximum that you can get in the following segment of the AC.

Some of the other features that are included in this product are Sleep mode, Anti-dust filter, Auto restart, and turbo mode.

Lastly, a warranty of 1 year is offered on this product.


  • Anti-dust filter is included in this product.
  • It comes along with sleep mode.
  • The product offers a powerful cooling capacity.


  • A bit overprice.

Godrej 18DTC5-WSA Window AC

godrej 18dtc5-wsa window ac

Godrej 18DTC5-WSA window AC is designed using powerful technology and thus you can experience the best possible cooling.

Besides this, the AC is equipped with R32 refrigerant and thus it has low global warming and depletion potential.

This model of AC also can save power at a higher temperature as compared to any other AC in the following segment.

It is also backed with very good cooling, eco-friendliness, and energy efficiency which makes this AC quite an ideal choice for you.

Moreover, it also features a twin-rotatory inverter compressor through which you can enjoy cooling at a faster rate while saving on the electricity bill.

Another exciting feature that you will find in this AC is Anti-dust filter using which various particles such as hair, pollen, dust and pet dander, etc. are removed.

Lastly, with the help of the inverter compressor, you would get precise cooling that you have always desired.


  • It offers a very precise cooling.
  • The product is equipped with Anti-dust filter.
  • 100% copper condenser is used in this product.


  • It needs very careful handling during installation.

Haier 18CV5CNA 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

haier 18cv5cna 1.5 ton 5 star window ac

This air conditioner from Haier is quite energy-efficient and thus it is capable of providing optimum cooling. Besides this, it provides low noise operation and the air distribution is also quite stable.

The AC is backed with a copper condenser which makes this AC quite durable. Moreover, it also has a sturdy coating that helps in preventing corrosion and thus it needs low maintenance.

It also facilitates an instant chill system through which cool flow is generated with great speed and precision. It features an airflow of 50-feet through which the air is distributed evenly across the room.

Moreover, it is backed with an aesthetic design that can easily complement the functionality and style of your property.

Another interesting aspect of this AC model is that it has remote control through which different functions can be easily accessed.

Lastly, it is quite easy to install and it is equipped with a user manual. Through this, you can go through important guidelines such that you can use it properly.


  • It is equipped with Timer function.
  • You get access to remote control.
  • The product offers dust filter.


  • An external stabilizer would be needed.

LG Q18WUZA 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Window AC

lg q18wuza 1.5 ton 5 star wi-fi inverter window ac

If you are looking to make the summer Ultra-cool, then you should opt for LG Q18WUZA dual inverter AC.

This model offers a Dual inverter compressor that offers a great cooling range. Besides this, it makes them a lot more energy-efficient.

Additionally, the product is also equipped with Ocean Black protection that provides extreme protection in Indian conditions.

LG Q18WUZA also has Wi-Fi and LG ThinQ features through which you can control the product a lot more easily.

Adding to it, the following product is manufactured using 100% copper. Therefore, it is quite durable and thus helps in extending the life of the air conditioner.

It also has a clean filter indicator that helps out in maintaining a very healthy and clean filter.

Another interesting thing that drew our attention was the super silent operation. Hence, you can enjoy a comfortable sleep with peace of mind.

Lastly, it has a low gas detection feature that can help out in timely refilling and maintenance.


  • You get self-diagnosis notifications.
  • It has a very silent operation.
  • The product is manufactured using 100% copper.


  • You would have to pay the additional installation cost.

Hitachi RAW318KUD 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC

hitachi raw318kud 1.5 ton 3 star window ac

This is the last product that makes it to our list of the best AC in India. This AC model comes along with on/off timer and it starts to work automatically after a power failure.

Besides this, it is also equipped with a clean filter indicator. It indicates the right time to clean the filter such that you can save power and perhaps get healthy air.

It is also manufactured using 100% copper. Thus, it is capable of offering longer life and perhaps better performance. Additionally, it passes 43 quality tests such that it can easily match with the international specifications.

Furthermore, automatic fan speed functionality is also provided with this product. Also with the help of turbo mode, the fan speed is increased and thus the room is quickly cooled down. The best thing we liked about this product is that it features auto climate technology.

It is a very good feature that automatically detects the humidity and temperature. Further, it adjusts it accordingly such that you get the best possible cooling experience.


  • It provides great value for money.
  • The product offers great cooling.
  • It is equipped with an automatic climate control feature.


  • The ac makes too much noise.

Buying Guide to Purchase Best Air-conditioner (Windows, Split) in India

There are lots of AC products available over the internet which can make it difficult for the common man to analyse the correct product.

So, let us look at some of the factors before purchasing the best AC in India.

Ac capacity: This is perhaps the most important aspect to keep in mind before you purchase the best AC in India.

The most basic AC that you will find over the internet is 1.5 tons. Besides this, you can also opt for AC having smaller capacity such as 1-ton, 1.25 ton, etc.

But, you should keep in mind that the higher the capacity, the better the cooling effect you would get.

Consumption of energy: Energy consumption is a significant aspect related to air conditioners. So, if an AC has higher energy ratings, then it would be a lot more energy-efficient.

Air conditioners are available in different kinds of energy ratings.

Hence, you should look out for a product that has a 3+ energy rating.

Non-invertor Vs Inverter AC: An inverter AC comes along with a variable speed compressor that can easily be adjusted as per the heat.

In this way, they provide the ultimate temperature as per the need.

On the other hand, Non-invertor AC doesn’t come with such technology but they have a lower price tag.

Thus, you can select any of them as per your needs.

Condenser coil: A condenser coil is present in every AC which helps in determining the cooling capacity of the AC.

There are two types of condenser coils that are present in an AC i.e. aluminum and copper.

But, it is recommended that you opt for the copper coil as they are better and a lot efficient as well.

Types of AC:This is another basic thing to keep in mind before you select an air conditioner. There are two types of AC available in the market i.e. Window and Split AC.

Both of them come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Windows AC is easy to install and less costly.

Besides this, they don’t need an internal component and they are an ideal option for smaller rooms.

On the other hand, they are energy efficient and tend to make less noise.

But, they are more costly as compared to windows AC. So, depending on your choice, you can select a particular type of AC.


Q) Can I buy the air conditioner online?

Yes, absolutely. It is quite safe to purchase air conditioners online as it comes along with several benefits.

Besides this, all the sellers you will found on amazon are genuine and verified.

The best part is that you will get the product at your doorsteps without having to purchase it from the market.

Q) Is the stabilizer needed for AC?

Most of the ACs available in the market these days come up with an in-built stabilizer that helps out in voltage fluctuation.

Just in case, you are not satisfied with that, then you can opt for a stabilizer.

Q) What are some of the best AC brands?

Some of the best AC brands that you will find in the Indian market are Voltas, LG, Hitachi, Daikin, etc.

Q) Which is the best time to purchase an air conditioner?

Air conditioners can be bought during any season but the best time to buy is during the off-season.

So, you can consider purchasing an air conditioner during the autumn season or during March-April.

During this particular time, you will get the air conditioner at an affordable price.

Q) What is the functionality of Multiple filtration technologies in an AC?

You will easily find some premium ACs available in the market that comes along with multiple filtration technologies that can keep the air present around you odor-free and clean.

Final Verdict

After reviewing hundreds of products and putting in hours of research, we curated the list of best AC in India that you can purchase.

Besides this, we have also mentioned buying guide and FAQs which ensures that you can select the right option.

Moreover, you can opt for any of the product that we have mentioned as each of them is best in their way.

Happy shopping!

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