Top 8 Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2020 Detail Reviews with Buying Guide

Written by Naina

Are you planning to purchase the best kitchen chimneys in India? If, that is the case, then you are at a perfect place. A kitchen chimney is basically an appliance that helps out in absorbing the fumes and smoke from kitchen.

Besides this, it also makes the kitchen smoke and oil free and ultimately clean. Nowadays, there are a number of modern kitchen chimneys that adds decoration and style to the modular kitchen.

But, with thousands of kitchen chimney products available in the market, it can get difficult for a customer to select the right product.

So, to help them out, we have come up with a list of the best kitchen chimneys in India to purchase in 2020 after testing more than 50+ products.

Each of the products hold unique features and therefore you won’t be disappointed purchasing any of them. Moreover, our kitchen chimney buying guide would also come handy in purchasing the right product.

So, without wasting any more time, let us have a look at the list of the products.

Product List of Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Elica 60cm Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

This is the first product that makes our list of the best kitchen chimneys in India. Elica is one of the renowned kitchen chimney brand in India known for manufacturing top quality products.

The following product is backed with an exquisite design and look. Thus, it can easily match with the interior of your kitchen. Also, the operation of this kitchen chimney is quite hassle free as it is equipped with a touch control panel.

Another interesting feature of this product is that it is backed with an exclusive baffle filter. This feature comes quite handy as it can safeguard your kitchen from unhealthy smoke and greasy components.

Through this kitchen chimney, you can also get access to two LED lamps that offers an excellent illumination and it is indeed quite efficient. This feature is quiet useful especially if you are cooking at night.

Besides this, with the following product, you get oil collector that eliminates greasy residues and oil from the kitchen.

Another important trait that we liked in this kitchen chimney is the Heat auto-clean technology. Through this, the interior of the kitchen appliance can be cleaned quite comfortably and swiftly.


  • It is backed with high suction power.
  • The product is quite easy to clean.
  • It features a very great design.


  • It doesn’t come along with a duct pipe.

Bosch Dwb098d50i 90Cm Kitchen Chimney

This kitchen chimney from Bosch comes in a size of 90 cm and the suction capacity that is offered by this product is 800 m3/hr. Besides this, it can be easily wall mounted and it is quite perfect for 3-5 burner stove.

Additionally, this kitchen is quite perfect for the kitchen size that is below 100 Sq. Ft and it has a noise level of about 73 DB.

A great feature that this kitchen possesses is auto-clean technology that helps in removing oil particles and grease. It also has an efficient suction power that effectively removes oil and grease.

It is also backed with two efficient LED lamps that can enlighten up whenever you want to use it. Hence, it can keep your kitchen heat-free and bright. Thus, cooking would become a lot more interesting.

It also offers high-quality design having a steel body that can make your kitchen elegant and beautiful.

This chimney offers an adequate power and it has a voltage of 220 volts. It also has a very good suction capacity and offers a motor that is durable and strong.

Bosch DWB098D50I kitchen chimney also has a baffle filter that is designed specifically for the kitchen. It is manufactured using stainless steel for maintenance and durability.


  • It offers maximum airflow.
  • It has an excellent finishing.
  • The product is backed with a very nice design.


  • It is a bit expensive.

Seavy Ciaz Ss 60Cm Kitchen Chimney

This is a top-notch chimney model from Seavy that is backed with all the important features to make cooking a lot more exciting. It also has a beautiful touch screen which comes along with a very simple operations.

This chimney from Seavy offers a suction power of 1200 m3/ hour. Hence, they are ideal for kitchen that need require grilling and frying. With this chimney, particles and smoke can be cleared in just a push of a button.

Talking about design, it has a curved glass present on the top which provides a very unique and elegant feel. The best thing is that this glass is also quiet durable.

Another important trait that you will find in this kitchen chimney is 3-speed touch control. It perhaps helps in setting up the suction speed quite easily with the help of fingertips.

The touch screen is also equipped with power on and off option, auto cleaning option as well motor speed setting. All these makes it quite easy to operate.

The chimney also has stainless steel grills present inside the suction chamber. It perhaps makes the cleaning process quite simple after usage.

Moreover, the LED lights present in every corner of the chimney provides a bright illumination in terms of cooking space.

Lastly, it is made using stainless steel material which is quite durable and it comes along with anti-corrosive properties. Hence, this chimney can easily withstand against moisture, grease and impurities.


  • It has a great suction power.
  • The product offers great value for money.
  • It features a very aesthetic design.


  • It is a bit noisy.

Faber 90Cm Hood Crest Hc Sc Bk 90 Kitchen Chimney

This is another product that makes our list of the best kitchen chimney in India.

It is backed with a powerful motor alongside a very good capacity of suction. Being powerful, it also ensures that it makes less noise and perhaps it is quite durable.

Also, with the help of Heat Auto-clean Technology oil particles can be easily removed with a single touch. Besides this, it also prevents grease and oil particles which might cause problem to the suction capacity of the chimney.

Adding to it, this kitchen chimney comes along with two LED lamps whose power consumption is quite less. Another thing, we liked in this kitchen chimney is that it offers 1200m3/h suction power through which you can cook the food quite peacefully and easily.

This Faber chicken chimney is also equipped with filter less technology and thus you won’t have to face any sought of cleaning hassles. Besides this, the following technology makes the product quite hassle free.

Another important trait we loved about this chimney is that it makes very less noise level and thus you can witness a very calm environment.

It also has oil collector that perhaps collects other residues and oil making the chimney quite easy to clean.

Furthermore, with the help of gesture control functionality, you can control the body movement of human without the need to contact it physically.

Lastly, it comes along with touch control functionality through which using this product gets quite easy.


  • It comes along with gesture control.
  • The noise level of this product is quite low.
  • It is equipped with very good suction capacity.


  • You would have to pay installation charges.

Eurodomo 60Cm Auto-clean Chimney

This kitchen chimney from Eurodomo comes along with a very elegant body which can easily modernize your kitchen. Besides this, it also ensures that you enjoy smoke-free cooking.

It also features baffle filter which helps to remove smoke, grease and dust particles. Moreover, it needs less maintenance and it perhaps can be cleaned once in a while to work properly.

Also, with the Heat auto clean technology, you can clean the chimney in perhaps just a click of a button. It also offers 2 LED lights through which the entire cooking area can be brightened such that you can cook in an effortless way.

When it comes to power, then this chimney offers a capacity of 1200m3/h which is considered quite powerful. Hence, you can very well enjoy smoke and dust free cooking. Lastly, it features a touch control panel that perhaps offer a very speedy and simple operation.


  • It offers LED lights for cooking purpose.
  • It has a very powerful and elegant suction.
  • The product makes quite less noise.


  • After sales service could had been better.

Hindware Nevio 90 Auto Clean Chimney

If you are looking out for the best kitchen chimneys in India, then you should definitely put this product into your bucket list. This product is an excellent blend of cutting-edge technology and eye-catching design.

Also, similar to any other kitchen chimney, it comes along with one-touch control technology. It also has a fully digital system and you get access to a number of features with this product.

This product is equipped with a baffle filter that has a oil collector present in it. In this oil collector, various greasy residues and oil components are stored which ensures that a free-flow of air is circulated. Hence, it needs very less maintenance in order to keep the chimney clean and fresh.

Besides this, it is also equipped with a very unique feature called Metallic Blower. Hence with this feature, the product is connected alongside the duct system.

Thus, it offers great air delivery while making very less noise. Adding to it, this Hindware kitchen chimney from Hindware is equipped with two LED lamps.

With these lights, you get access to bright illumination in the cooking area. Moreover, these LED lamps are also quite energy efficient. Hence, you won’t have to worry about paying hefty electricity bills.

Lastly, this product uses Auto clean technology through which the kitchen appliance interior is kept fresh and clean as it efficiently gets rid of oily residues.


  • It offers an excellent suction power.
  • The product is backed with auto clean technology.
  • This chimney flaunts a beautiful design.


  • Not perfect for small kitchen.

Glen 6071 Ex 60Cm Kitchen Chimney

For over two decades, Glen has revolutionized the Indian kitchen with great features and innovative products. This kitchen chimney is no different and it is bundled with a number of features.

Coming to design, it comes along with curved black glass present in the black body. Besides this, premium materials are being used and thus it quite durable.

This kitchen chimney is equipped with baffle filter having dynamic airflow. Hence, it is quite efficient and at the same time quite easy to clean.

Also, with the advanced design features, you get access to dynamic airflow. It has a powerful suction that offers a power of 1000 m3/h through which all the traces of grime or fumes are removed in seconds.

The product also has a copper Italian motor alongside thermal overload protector that comes quite handy to switch off in case there is excessive heat.

Additionally, it features a fan and a housing which is manufactured using Flame Retardant plastic such that you get a very smooth movement.

Lastly, the wires that are used in this product are made of plastic or Flame retardant plastic such that you get long life and perhaps utmost safety.


  • It offers dynamic airflow.
  • The product features copper Italian motor.
  • It is backed with an elegant design.


  • After service of this product needs to improve.

Sunflame CH Rapid 60 DX Auto Clean Chimney

This is the last product that makes our list of the best kitchen chimney in India to purchase in 2020. Sunflame over a period of time has become a loved and trusted household brand in India. It has been manufacturing a wide range of kitchen chimneys offering top notch quality.

This product is no different and it comes along with elegant design and perhaps offers the best performance. Besides this, it is crafted alongside a glass finish and stainless steel body that is surely going to add beauty to your kitchen.

It also has a stainless steel baffle filter that works in an efficient way to force different residue to settle down in the baffle. Further, it allows only the air to move freely between the various filters.

This kitchen chimney also comes along with thermal Auto-clean technology through which the grease and oil particles are removed. Hence, the chimney suction capacity is improved.

Another interesting feature that you may find in this product is that it comes along with energy-efficient LED lights. Hence, you can get access to perfect light while you are cooking.

Also, with the help of feature touch control functionality, the kitchen chimney can be operated effortlessly in just a touch of a button.  It has also been designed in such a way that it is quite easy to use and perhaps offers the best user experience.

Lastly, it comes along with noiseless operation and a very good suction capacity. In addition, it is also backed with a powerful motor that offers maximum air flow and indeed keeps the kitchen fresh.


  • It comes along with thermal auto clean feature.
  • It offers a stainless steel & glass finish.
  • The product features efficient LED lights.


  • Customer service needs to improve.

How a kitchen chimney works?

To start off, kitchen chimney pulls in hot air from the kitchen by creating certain pressure and it further eliminates it outdoor.

Hence, due to the following reason a lot of people use this appliance such that their kitchen can remain clean and fresh.

What are the different types of chimneys?

There are three types of kitchen chimneys available in the market. They are:-

Built-in chimneys: Built-in Chimneys are integrated inside the top of the kitchen furniture.

Also, if you have less space, then this type of chimney comes quite handy. The best part is that they are the most stylish among all the three chimneys.

Wall mounted chimneys: Wall Mounted Chimneys are the most common type of kitchen chimney that you will find in the Indian Kitchen.

The following type of chimney is wall mounted. Besides this, they are quite affordable and perhaps fits well in almost all types of kitchen.

Island chimneys: This particular type of chimney is used when the stove is present in the center of the kitchen. Hence, it hangs to ceiling above cook-top/stove.

We recommend that you purchase a kitchen chimney product that is about six inches more wider as compared to cook top.

What are the benefits of kitchen chimneys?

It can keep the kitchen clean: Kitchen chimney can come quite handy in keeping your kitchen clean. In addition, it will ensure that your counters, cabinets, tiles and walls are clean. The only thing that would need timely maintenance is the chimney filter.

It removes smoke: This is probably another reason why you should be using a kitchen chimney. It has the capability to efficiently remove all the smoke from the kitchen.

It removes unwanted odour: The next thing that a chimney can probably do is remove unwanted odour quite efficiently.

Also, the exhaust present in the chimney removes odour immediately which ensures that you don’t face any sought of irritation in nose and eyes.

Kitchen chimney reduces Air pollution: Once the LPG is burned, then water and CO2 is produced. Carbon dioxide is one of the major causes that leads to air pollution.

The kitchen chimney can easily remove all the harmful gas and perhaps throw them away from the property.

It helps in improving the appearance: Another important thing that a kitchen chimney can do is improve the appearance of your kitchen.

Kitchen chimneys are available in beautiful designs and thus you can select them as per your requirement and taste.

What are the various types of chimney filters?

The chimney filters are basically available in three types. They are:-

Mesh filters: Mesh filters are also commonly known as cassette filters. The following type of filters are manufactured using high-quality aluminium mesh material.

It also has gap present between the mesh that helps in passing the oily substances, hot air and greasy materials. However, if you are looking for a high suction power with this filter, then it would need regular maintenance and cleaning.

Baffle filter: This is the most common type of filter that is used in the chimneys these days. It helps in filtering out oily residues and smokes from the kitchen.

They are also quite cost efficient as compared to mesh filters. Besides this, they are available in top-notch quality and thus they don’t need a lot of maintenance.

Carbon filter: Carbon filter are manufactured using black charcoal. They come quite handy in removing smelly odour.

Talking about efficiency, Carbon filter lags behind the other two milters that we have mentioned. So, if you are looking to use the following filter, then do make sure to change it after a span of 6 months.

How to Select The Best Kitchen Chimney in India?

There are a few things to keep in mind before you purchase a kitchen chimney. Let us have a look:-

Suction power: The suction power of the kitchen chimney denotes its overall efficiency. Hence, the better the suction capacity of the product, the better result you would get.

So, if money is not the concern for you, then opt for a kitchen chimney model having suction power 1200 m3/hour.

However, if you are tight on budget, then you need to opt for a machine having a suction capacity of 1000 m3/hour.

Design and size of the kitchen: Size and design of the kitchen is an another important factor to consider before you purchase a kitchen.

Just in case, you have a moderate or small size of kitchen, then a 60 cm model would be perfect for you. On the contrary, if your kitchen is quite big, then you need to opt for a kitchen chimney that is 90 cm.

Features: You need to look out for the kitchen chimney product that offers a number of feature. In addition, make sure that it is equipped with auto clean technology.

With the help of this feature, the machine would remain clean and it would prevent it from getting dirty.

Noise: The Noise that is generated from kitchen chimney can sometimes be quite distracting and irritating especially when you are cooking something delicious and delicate.

Hence, you need to look out for a model that has a noise rating of less than 50 DB.

Price: Price is an important factor to keep in mind especially if you are low on budget. You can easily find a number of brands in India that offer a number of high quality products at a very affordable price.

Hence, irrespective of the budget you might be having, you can easily find good models at a fairly competitive price.

Type of filter: Filters play an important role when it comes to kitchen chimney. They help out the product in eliminating and filtering the smoke which is harmful.

Besides this, it also eliminates any other components which can make the kitchen dirty. However, you should keep note of the fact that not every filter is efficient.

Hence, whenever you are purchasing a chimney, look out for the type of filter that it has.

Chimney mounting style: The kitchen chimney mounting style boils down to the type of construction that you are having in your kitchen.

Just in case, you are having a kitchen duct which is constructed through the roof, then opt for ceiling mounted chimney.

On the contrary, if you are having a kitchen that has a normal exhaust hole, then wall-mounted chimney would be an ideal choice for you.

Installation kits: There are a number of chimney manufacturers who don’t provide necessary tools with the product that might be needed for machine installation.

Hence, there are often time, when they charge extra amount for the components while chimney installation. So, in order to avoid such a problem, opt for a kitchen chimney that comes along with separate installation kit.

Style: The kitchen chimney in India are available in two different options i.e. curved glass and straight glass.

If you are looking to have a kitchen that is sophisticated, then curved glass kitchen chimneys can be an ideal option for you.

FAQs – Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Q). How a kitchen chimney can be cleaned?

In order to clean the kitchen chimney, warm water and smooth clothes needs to be used. Once it is cleaned, then you need to make sure that it is completely dried in open air.

Also, don’t use any kind of abrasive material to clean the chimney.

Q). How often does the kitchen chimney needs to be cleaned?

Most of the kitchen chimneys that you will find in the market are manufactured using top-notch materials. Hence, they don’t need much of a maintenance.

However, if you want your kitchen chimney to stay in optimal condition, then do clean it once in every six months.

Q). Can DIY kitchen chimney installation be done?

Just in case, you are having sufficient knowledge and have access to proper kits, then kitchen chimney installation can be very well done on your own.

However, it is always recommended to hire a professional as the installation process is a bit complex.

Q). How costly are kitchen chimney?

Usually, kitchen chimney are quite affordable. Most of the top-notch brands offer their products within a range of 5000 – 10000 INR which is quite convenient.

Q). What are the consequences of not cleaning the chimneys?

If a kitchen chimney is not cleaned for a long time, then it can lead to harmful smoke which can fill into your property. Further, it can cause bad odor and suffocation.

Q). Why kitchen chimneys should be used?

Kitchen chimneys assists in removing gases, fumes, dust particles and smoke from the kitchen by reduction of the indoor pollution.

In addition, the cooking experience is enhanced as it provides a very healthy environment. Hence, they are quite handy for commercial cooking spaces & kitchens.

Q). Which chimney is better : manual clean or auto clean?

If any product is maintained properly, then it can easily last for a long time. With the help of auto-clean chimney, all the cleaning work is done automatically.

On the other hand, with the manual clean option, you would need to clean the chimney manually which at times can get difficult. In addition, auto-clean chimney ensures that the oil and heat particles are removed effectively.

Q). Which is the best brand for kitchen chimney?

There are hundreds of kitchen chimney brands available in the market offering a wide range of products. Each of the brand claims to be the best which can confuse the customers.

Hence, we have curated the list and thus you can select any of the product that we have mentioned.

Q). How far a kitchen chimney be installed from cooktop?

For this matter, you would need to check the user manual where you will find the recommended height for installation.

Besides this, it is also sometimes dependent on the size of the kitchen that you are having. So, the installation expert would help you out in this regard.

Final Verdict

Indian kitchens in general are available in small to moderate size and the fact is that they are not ventilated properly. Hence, in such a condition kitchen chimneys become a necessity.

Kitchen chimneys can help to keep the kitchen fresh and clean and also aids in removing oily particles. Hence, the kitchen chimney product that we have mentioned ticks all the boxes and offers complete value for the money.

Besides this, our buying guide will help you out in purchasing the right product. Lastly, if you have any queries, then do let us know in the comment box.

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