Best Microwave in India Buying Guide 2020 with Detailed Reviews

Written by Mohini

A microwave is an excellent equipment that the majority of Indians kept in their home. The modern day kitchens don’t complete without the presence of this wonderfully crafted unit. However, finding the best microwave in India isn’t an easy task due to immense competition and endless options in the market. Everyone wants to invest in a model that gives them an excellent return for many years to come. That’s why lots of people find it little bit difficult to shop a microwave oven, especially for the first time.

If you are on the same boat, then it’s the perfect place where you will get the required help. We are going to help you in finding tremendous equipment using which your daily cooking will become easier. Our editors have tested more than 20 models and researching about nearly 50 units before creating this post. In this post, you will get information about the top 11 best microwaves in India available to shop in 2020. Let’s have a look at every model carefully and decide the model suiting your needs perfectly.

LG MC3286BRUM 32L Convection Microwave Oven (Editor’s Choice)

The most worthy candidate for starting the list is LG MC3286BRUM that comes with 32 L capacity making it suitable for bigger families. It is an effective unit working perfectly for a variety of tasks like defrosting, grilling, baking, reheating, and cooking. There is a complete starter kit delivered by the company along with the main equipment.

The biggest highlight of this wonderful product is its tactile buttons using which temperature and timer can be set according to the situation. There are 211 Indian auto cook menu options in the unit using which cooking can become easier than ever. It includes pasteurizing milk, paneer, milk with ghee, and curd among others.

The company offers one year warranty on this microwave that makes sure you stay free from worries. The special delivery kit in the package includes a user manual, warranty card, and kit that can be very useful in terms of convenience. Enjoy wonderful cooking sessions by installing this wonderful microwave from the LG brand in their home.


  • Very solid 32 L capacity.
  • Backed by an incredible one year warranty.
  • Delivered with a complete set of accessories.
  • Plethora of useful functions.


  • Customer care should handle requests carefully.
  • Demo could have been made better.

Samsung CE1041DSB2 Convection Microwave Oven (Runners Up)

The next unit we are going to mention in the unit is this brilliant microwave oven manufactured by Samsung Company. It has an exciting slim fry technology that ensures you can ensure healthier food without any need for deeper frying. One amazing about the unit is that it offers 19 years warranty on the ceramic cavity, whereas the complete unit delivered with the one year warranty. The company’s customer service is available 24X7 for the convenience of the buyers.

It comes with a child lock feature that ensures the child can’t access the microwave. Moreover, the total capacity of this microwave is nearly 28 liters that ensure needs of normal families can easily be catered. Apart from that, the appearance of this model is quite beautiful enhancing the décor of your home.

The only thing that stops the people from buying this unit is it doesn’t come with a starter kit. However, the working is quite easier as you can easily check out videos on the internet regarding the working of this unit. If you can deal with this situation, then we will say that this microwave is a brilliant option that you shouldn’t miss shopping.


  • Perform a variety of cooking functions.
  • Sensitive touch keypad.
  • Backed by five years warranty on magnetron.
  • Equipped with the child safety feature.


  • Complaints about noise while door closing.
  • Unresponsive customer service on call.

IFB 17PM MEC 1 Solo Microwave Oven (Best Budget-friendly Pick)

As you have seen previously, we always add units that one can shop at an affordable price without putting too much pressure on their pocket. If someone talks about shopping the best microwave oven at a super price, then we will say this one is the right pick to make. It has a capacity of 17L that might be a little bit less when compared with other models, but what it is best that you can get at this price. However, it is perfect for a small family of two or three.

Despite being available at such a low price, the company has backed this unit with a year warranty along with three years warranty on the cavity. There is a variety of special features in this unit that include three automatic cooking options. It also comes with jog dials that are pretty easy to use and come with a pretty long life.

The box in which this microwave oven is delivered has a warranty card and user manual that help in understanding the working of the unit. On top of that, this beautiful unit can be shopped in two beautiful colors like white and black giving you an extra choice to find the right option as per décor of the kitchen.


  • Available in two incredible designs.
  • Two years warranty period.
  • Long battery life jog dial.
  • Equipped with three auto cook menu options.


  • It doesn’t come with a starter kit.
  • Low capacity might be an issue.

Bajaj 1701 MT 17L Solo Microwave Oven (Best for Bachelors)

The next product is another wonderful oven that won’t hurt your pocket in any manner. The 1701 MT has a capacity of 17 liters that make it a perfect option for bachelors who want quick cooking, especially in the morning. The company offers one year warranty on both microwave oven and magnetron. There are jig dials that boost the life of the unit along with providing extra convenience.

The power consumed stays nearly 1,200 watts that are acceptable by all means. It notifies the users through the alarm that makes sure food doesn’t get burned. There are five different power levels from which you can choose as per the requirements. Having this feature allows users to control the temperature for cooking tasty foods.

It is highly essential equipment that doesn’t assist in heating up the tasty food, but also ensures that you can end up cooking delicious meals. No matter what your reason is to shop a microwave, we guarantee one thing that this unit is going to change your cooking manner.


  • Budget-friendly option to shop.
  • Equipped with a multi-stage cooking system.
  • Solid functionality with complete safety.
  • Variety of timers for catering different cooking needs.


  • Very low capacity.
  • Construction isn’t that good.

Amazon Basics 30L Convection Microwave (Best 30L Capacity )

This product from Amazon Basics can’t be missed from this list of high-quality microwave ovens. It has a capacity of 30 liters that make sure the needs of family up to 6 people can be catered perfectly. A warranty of 1 year boosts the complete product while they offer three years warranty on the magnetron. The distinguished thing about the unit is its completely paperless warranty claim.

It has an excellent display panel where you can read all the instructions and menu options rightfully. The digital controls are quite clear to read allowing even a complete beginner to operate the unit. Furthermore, the presence of timer helps in tracking the progress of dishes adequately without any problem. The company has also added a defrost option that eliminates the need for food thawing.

It comes with convection feature that let the users bake, grill, defrost, and pre-heat the food in the way you want. This high quality equipped with a full refund within ten days that is very rare in the majority of units available to shop in the market. Enjoy safer cooking by investing money in this highly crafted unit.


  • Equipped with 30 L capacity.
  • Backed by three-year warranty on magnetron.
  • Convection functions for performing different tasks.
  • Eligible for easy returns.


  • A little bit expensive option to shop.
  • It doesn’t come with a demo.

Panasonic NN-CT645BFDG Convection Microwave (Best Dual Heating Pick)

If you are one of those Indians who love dual heating in the microwave, then this amazing product is definitely made for you. Backed by a year warranty, it is a large unit manufactured by the Panasonic brand. It’s specially crafted for individuals who love shopping for unique things in life. This product is delivered in a package that includes a microwave oven, warranty card, glass tray, free start-up kit, high low rack, and user manual among others.

The biggest highlight of this unit is the dual heating that allows the buyers to use it for cooking as well as a grill. Cooking delicious and healthy things will become pretty more comfortable by buying this incredible unit. Another fantastic feature of this best microwave oven in India is its digital control system that has five power levels and two grill levels.

It is based on the unique Japanese technology that ensures you cook healthy foods with proper nutrients and texture. Moreover, this product is manufactured by Panasonic who is one of the most trusted options in the market. If you have a little bit of extra money to spend, then this unit is the most suitable option to buy.


  • Cooks delicious foods without compromising with nutrients.
  • Crafted in a brilliant design.
  • Delivered with a great set of accessories.
  • Excellent dual heating options.


  • Extremely poor customer service.
  • The price is very high.

IFB 2BC4 Convection Microwave Oven (Good 23L Capicity)

The seventh position is accommodated by IFB 2BC4 that is a brilliantly crafted microwave oven available at a very food price. It is mostly shopped by families having 3 or 4 members in various states of the country. The company delivers it with a one-year warranty that gives great relief to the buyers. You are going to get a complete starter kit with this unit that can be very useful for women who haven’t used a microwave previously.

It isn’t an ordinary product that usually manufactured by normal Indian brands. Instead, you will end up shopping a brilliant oven that has an endless number of features like touch keypad, child lock, auto cook menu, steam cleaning, and three years cavity warranty. Apart from making cooking more accessible, this unit can save a high sort of electricity that ensures you end up saving money.

It has a stainless steel cavity feature that directly helps in reducing power consumption. In fact, the majority of buyers call it a perfect combination of power grill and cooking. Cooking delicious foods will become a very easier task with the help of this brilliant microwave oven.


  • Very larger display for elegant illumination.
  • Crafted with a high-quality stainless steel body.
  • Capable of cooking a variety of cooking recipes.
  • Solid 23 liters capacity.


  • Some may find its price too much.
  • Little bit costlier spare parts.

Samsung MS23J513AG Solo Microwave Oven (Best Under RS 6,000)

We are going to talk about the Samsung MS23J523AG as the eighth option in this list that is backed by a great set of features. There are many solos, dial controls, and tact buttons on the unit that boosts the convenience to a different level. It comes with a power defrost and warm function that is considered very useful for people who normally get late. It also has a safety lock that ensures accidental tapping by kids gets prevented.

Samsung is a highly trusted brand that always manufactures brilliant products at budget-friendly prices. It has a ceramic enamel cavity that makes sure the oven stays protected all the time. The presence of triple distribution system technology results in healthy cooking and efficient food warming.

There are nearly 16 different pre-programmed recipes that allow users to cook a variety of healthy foods. It ranges from boneless chicken breast to brown rice and grilled salmon steaks. Furthermore, the sleek and beautiful design of the unit makes it look brilliant in the kitchen.


  • Full protection from bacteria.
  • Equipped with power defrost option.
  • Stunning & sleek design.
  • Variety of pre-programmed recipes.


  • Not as durable as other models.
  • The display isn’t bright at all.

Bosch HMB5C453X Convection Microwave Oven (Best Under RS 10,000)

Equipped with five cooking models, this efficient unit is a worthy option to consider if you have a little bit of extra budget. It has lots of integrated auto programs allowing the buyers to cook more than 120 recipes effectively. You will get two years warranty on the unit that is quite rare among the products available to shop in the market.

In simple words, we want to say it is a complete package having a great of accessories like grilling, tandoori, baking, and many more. The foods that you can cook through its integrated auto programs include soup, seafood, desserts, snacks, appetizers, and meat. Also, there are five power settings for the catering needs of different cookers effectively.

There are very few people who are going to question this unit its recommendation as to the best microwave oven in any manner. Also, there won’t be any need to deal with the mess that usually created after cooking as this unit is very easy to clean. You won’t get a starter kit with this microwave that is the only negative thing about this unit.


  • Equipped with lots of pre-programmed recipes.
  • Backed by two years warranty.
  • Performs lots of different cooking tasks.
  • Very easy to clean.


  • Very poor customer support.
  • Doesn’t come with a manual.

Godrej GMX 519 CP1 Convection Microwave Oven (Best with 19L Capicity)

Are you in search of a 19L microwave for making your cooking better? If yes, then don’t look at this beautifully crafted model from the Godrej brand. There are lots of special features in the unit that include 125 instant cook menu options that everyone needs nowadays. However, the thing that amazes most people is its child lock and tactile buttons that allow you to set temperature as per cooking needs.

Apart from one year warranty, the customer service provided by the company is quite fantastic. Their representatives help the buyers in every possible way in case of any problem. Also, you will lots of useful components with this package like grill stand, roller ring, warranty card, and glass turntable.

There are 10 different power levels in the oven making sure you can choose one according to your convenience. All these things are handy for making the cooking experience better than ever. Investing money in this model will be a valuable thing to do in the long run.


  • Equipped with a variety of cooking models.
  • Deficient energy consumption.
  • It was delivered with an efficient grill stand.
  • Affordable microwave option to shop.


  • Doors demand pressure to get closed.

Panasonic 27L Convection Microwave (Best for Auto Cooking)

This list was started with something extraordinary, and we are going to end it in the same manner. It is a highly durable model using which you can surprise your loved ones most appropriately. There are lots of pre-programmed recipes and preset cooking time that ensure your favorite dish can be cooked in a quick time.

This unit is a perfect combination of class and quality along with an ideal price. It allows the users to cook food without having any effect on the moisture and nutrients. You can even fry guilt-free samosa that is a pretty lovable Indian dish on this oven. There are many tasty dishes you can cook without any effect on the quality.

Having this unit in a home will allow quickly heat the last night leftovers in the morning saving a high sort of time. To sum up, we want to say it is a terrific model that demands your investment in every exciting manner.


  • Crafted in beautiful black mirror finish.
  • It is backed by a one-year warranty.
  • It was delivered with a proper set of accessories.
  • Highly convenient to use.


  • Super costly option to shop.

Why Should Every Indian Household Have A Microwave Oven?

Are you still not assured about whether to invest money in a microwave oven or not? Well, we are going to tell you some significant reasons for buying a microwave oven for an Indian household. Check all of them in detail below:

Quick-cooking: A significant number of people are working in corporate jobs that result in limiting the cooking time. The presence of microwave helps in steaming veggies or making brown rice quite quickly.

On top of that, you can quickly heat the leftovers the previous night and eat them at breakfast.

Built-in timer: All the new models available in the market come with integrated timers nowadays. They are instrumental in tracking the right time for cooking dishes like pasta, fishes, or chicken.

It ensures you never overcook the food in the kitchen. Enjoy a healthier and stable cooking experience with a microwave oven.

Easy to clean: Cleaning microwave is a mess-free task that doesn’t ask for too much effort. All you need is a cleaning spray and a fiber cloth for performing this task.

The majority of microwave comes with an anti-bacterial finish that helps in making food healthier.

Saving money & energy: Having a microwave will help you in saving a high sort of money in the long run. The reason behind that electricity will be saved to a greater extent.

Additionally, there is very little energy used for cooking food with the microwave. You can use this time to doing other essential things.

Buying Tips to Choose The Best Microwave in India?

We believe that many of you are still confused about which option is the right one to choose among the list provided above. For easing your tensions, we are going to give things that needed to be checked in a microwave oven before buying below:

Microwave type: There are lots of microwaves options available, but the major ones are grill microwave, solo microwave, and convection microwave.

The solo models come with capacity up to 28 liters and considered right for essential functions like reheating and defrosting.

On the other hand, the grill microwave has lots of extra features like grilling, baking, and toasting. The convection microwaves are capable of performing the majority of cooking functions that even consist of barbecuing the food. Decide the unit that matches your needs perfectly as the extra features come at the price of money.

Automatic functioning: Although the majority of microwaves come with automated sensors, there are very few that don’t have it.

If you ask our experts, then we will suggest going for an automatic sensor as it notifies the users on adequate cooking of food. Additionally, it prevents the overheating of food.

Control panel: There are two types of control panels that usually come in the microwave ovens- mechanical and touch panel. The touch panels may be easier to use, but they demand careful handling.

On the other hand, mechanical control panels are better in long-term use, and that’s why many high-end companies are using it in their high-end models.

Budget: The microwave ovens are available in many different price ranges. Our team has tried to cover all of them in this list. There are options available for as low as RS 4000 that is considered very friendly for the budget.

On the other hand, you can shop ovens that are available at a price of more than RS 20,000. However, you should plan the budget sensibly and buy according to that.


Which is the best microwave open in India according to your household needs? Invest in a model that perfectly matches your needs without causing any trouble. If there is a query in your mind, please write to us in the comment section now.

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