Best Vacuum Cleaner in India Buying Guide with Detailed Reviews 2020

Written by Mohini

Buying the best vacuum cleaner in India is a very tricky task as there are tons of companies manufacturing this equipment. The technological era has gone through a tremendous advancement that has made our lives easier & better.

A vacuum cleaner helps in cleaning sofas, beds, and floors with ease. However, picking the right model is an essential thing to do if you don’t want to get disappointed later. There are many different types of vacuum cleaners available in the market that is enough for confusing the mind of buyers.

Every brand claims that their product is better than the other one, but the thing is which one is that good as the advertisement says. Our platform’s main motive is to provide authentic information to the readers so that they can make the right choices.

In this post, we are going to talk about the top 9 best vacuum cleaners in India to shop in 2020. Have a look at all these models and decide the option that suits your needs perfectly.

AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner (Editor’s Choice)

This vacuum cleaner from AmazonBasics brand is the ideal choice for topping this list, thanks to the powerful suction and low sound created during operation. Backed by two years warranty, it comes with a bag that keeps all the impurities like dust, sand, etc. The company has provided it with a very lightweight design allowing you to move the unit from one place to another quite easily.

The total capacity of the dust bag is nearly 1.5 litres that ensure you don’t have to empty it too often. You will get two paper bag and one fabric bag in the package. Moreover, it is an energy-efficient device that consumes less than 25 kWh energy in an entire year.

Even the fine dust is absorbed perfectly due to the presence of a triple-action nozzle present in the unit. This easy to use equipment has a sliding button using which the suction power can be regulated entirely. Also, it comes with a large display that notifies the users when the bag gets full.


  • Highly energy-efficient performance.
  • Equipped with a HEPA 12 filter for better cleaning.
  • Backed by two years warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Extremely entirely cleaning operation.


  • A little bit expensive to buy.
  • Lack of suction control on the handle.

Ecovacs Deebot 500 Robots Vacuum Cleaner (Runners Up)

The Ecovacs Deebot 500 is a great vacuum cleaner that comes with a new app control system. It is a robust model where you will find tons of exciting advanced features. This cordless and hands-free vacuum cleaner will wipe out all the impurities from the floors in a fascinating manner. The package will include side brushes, remote control, cleaning tool, quick starting guide, and power adapter.

There are two spinning brushes and a single bristled roller brush attached at the bottom for wiping off dirt and debris. On top of that, you will also find a half litre dustbin for better access to the vacuum’s back.

It is the best vacuum cleaner in India having three different cleaning modes, named Edge, Spot, and Auto. Choosing one of these modes is an effortless task due to the presence of Alexa and Ecovacs companion app. Overall, we can it is a complete package to shop for cleaning home adequately.


  • Solid maximum suction power.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google voice commands.
  • Extremely easy to set-up.
  • Cleanings can be scheduled in advance.


  • Doesn’t notify when dustbin gets full.
  • Complaints about robot malfunctioning.

Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 (Best for Low Noise)

If you have elders in the home who don’t prefer any disturbance during cleaning, then this one is the right choice to make. It can do wonders for Indian women who have to do lots of work for cleaning their home. This low noise and the compactly designed unit is very easy to use and doesn’t ask for too much maintenance.

It is based on the power cyclone five technology that separates the dust in the cyclonic chamber. Along with that, the powerful swirling action maximizes the airflow for giving exciting cleaning results. Furthermore, the presence of allergy H13 filter captures nearly 100% fine dust particles from the floor including pet hair, dust mites, and pollen.

There is a built-in soft brush that provides hygiene that very few can offer.  Overall, we want to say it is a five-star product that you can shop for eliminating dirt from the floor.


  • Equipped with a unique active lock couplings system.
  • Provide healthy air with EPA10 filter.
  • Backed by two years warranty.
  • Easy to understand user manual.


  • Costly option to buy.
  • Suction capacity needs improvement.

Dyson V8 Absolute+ (Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner)

The next product is an engineering marvel that may cost quite heavily to your pocket, but the tremendous cleaning experience it can give is something that you can’t get too often. The V8 Absolute+ will blow off the mind of buyers with its mind-blowing construction and action-packed features.

Since its launch, this vacuum cleaner has taken the Indian market by storm. There are seven additional attachments delivered with the unit that includes crevice, combination, and mattress, up top adaptor, mini soft dusting brush, and extension hope tools. It is certified for asthma and allergy patients from leading institutes.

Another highlight of this unit is its ability to get converted into a handheld device for reaching high & down. In simple words, this unit has everything that one wishes to have in a vacuum cleaner. If you can bear the price, then there is no better option for shopping in this country.


  • Capable of picking even tiniest particles from the floor.
  • Completely hassle-free set-up.
  • Ideal for asthma patient.
  • Delivered with a great set of accessories.


  • Too high price may be an issue.
  • Very large construction.

Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Cleaner (Best Under Rs. 6,000)

If you are looking to shop a special-purpose multi-purpose cleaner, then the Karcher WD 3 is the right choice to make. It is a top-rated model that crafted in a robust construction for giving full protection against the impacts. There are lots of different nozzles delivered with the unit that the users can attach directly to the suction hose for convenient vacuuming. You can easily reach even the tightest spaces without any problem.

It is an outstanding example of German technology and why they have a very positive reputation among the buyers. This multi-purpose vacuum cleaner has a practical parking position that makes things convenient without too much interruptions. The WD 3 can be used for a variety of areas like entrance room, low water volumes, hobby room, workshop, and car interior. The total capacity of the unit is nearly 17 litres that are quite magnificent considering the size.

The availability of easy to remove handle let the users connect the accessories directly to the suction hose. You can clean even toughest areas with ease using this vacuum cleaner. It has quite a brilliant pull & push locking system for working in different areas quite easily.


  • Crafted in fully impact resistant body.
  • Give perfect cleanliness.
  • Capable of vacuuming both wet & dry areas.
  • Extremely powerful performance.


  • Support services are a little bit poor.

Deerma VC20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (Best Under Rs. 10,000)

The Deerma VC20 is a brilliantly crafted small-sized portable vacuum cleaner that delivered with a great set of accessories. It comes in a large package that includes 2 in 1 nozzle attachment, charging adapter, motorized floor brush, connecting tube, and the main vacuum body. It has a sleek & stylish body having patented inner cyclone that separates air and dust. This technology result in making exhausted air free from pollution.

There is an excellent sort of convenience offered by the cord-free design that every lady wishes to have. Furthermore, switching between handheld and upright stick mode is quite easier. The unit is backed by a one-year warranty for giving extra peace after shopping. The VC20 has won Germany iF Design Award in 2019 that shows how great this product is.

There are three brush heads in this model allowing you to choose one according to cleaning needs. Besides that, it is also the best vacuum cleaner in India thanks to the noise reduction construction ensuring other people in the house doesn’t get disturbed. Overall, it is an excellent equipment that deserves your investment if the budget allows.


  • Create very little noise.
  • Equipped with smart battery management system.
  • Awesome anti-winding comb structure.
  • Impressive filtration system.


  • Very expensive to buy.

Karcher WD 3 Premium (Best for Easy Transportation)

The next product that we want to mention is this premium model of Karcher having a power consumption of just 1,000 watts. It has a solid stainless steel construction that can clean both dry & wet dirt without any need to change the filter. The availability of this newly developed suction hose results in eliminating even tiniest dirt from the system.

It is an easy to use machine that can be transported easily from one place to another. The total capacity of the unit is 17 litre that ensures you don’t have to dispose of dirt too often. This super-powerful machine has pull & push locking system that adds extra convenience during the cleaning process.

One amazing benefit of this vacuum cleaner is that it can easily reach the tightest places convincingly. Backed by one year warranty, this unit won’t disappoint the buyers in any manner at all.


  • Capable of cleaning the dirt in tight spaces.
  • Solid stainless steel body.
  • Solid one year warranty.
  • Equipped with a variety of nozzles.


  • Complaints about missing accessories in many packages.

Panasonic MC-CG304 (Best Eco-power Vacuum Cleaner)

The eighth position in the list is deserved by MC-CG04 that is mainly popular for its eco-power operation. It is a brilliant 400-watt high suction power model whose blower operation is pretty awesome. You can shop it two beautiful colors like blue and red giving you an extra choice. The biggest feature of this cleaner is its adjustable power control allowing you to work according to the requirement. This package comes with things like warranty card, main machine, user manual, and related accessories.

The thing that we love most about this unit is its impressive energy efficiency that is almost 130% more when compared with normal models. The total weight of this unit is a 5-metre cord that ensures you can easily move around with it. Storing this unit is very easier as you can keep it in a small cabinet or even under the bed.

The total dust capacity of the unit is 1.2 litres that help in making things easier & convenient. There is also a dust catcher installed in the unit that helps in making cleaning convincing. If you are up for an eco-friendly model, then buy this unit even with closed eyes.


  • Solid dust capacity.
  • Long 5 metre cord.
  • Equipped with adjustable power technology.
  • Solid input of 1,400 watts.


  • Dust catcher isn’t that good.

American Micronic AMI-VCD21 (Best Budget-friendly Pick)

The last position in the list is accommodated by this awesome model that can be shopped at a very affordable price. It is a stainless steel vacuum cleaner that crafted in a completely sleek design for better sturdiness. This wet & dry vacuum cleaner is capable of eliminating embedded dust from the environment.

There is a solid washable dust bag attached to the cleaner that helps in making the cleaning process highly convenient. You are going to get one year warranty on the unit along with 21-litre capacity and 220V power input. The company provides all these things at a very affordable price that doesn’t hurt pocket at all.

The suction mechanism of this machine is quite superior that allow it eliminates both solid & liquid particles with ease. There is a reliable 1,600 W motor present in the unit that ensures even the smallest particle of dirt eliminate using its HEPA filter. Additionally, the allergens are also removed from the surroundings.


  • Capable of eliminating embedded dust easily.
  • Incredible 21-litre capacity.
  • Equipped with HEPA filter.
  • Highly durable vacuum cleaner.


  • After-sales service is quite pathetic.

How to choose the best vacuum cleaner in India?

A vacuum cleaner is a very important equipment in a household that needs to be selected carefully. There are tons of factors that are responsible for making the right choice. However, the majority of people doesn’t care much about them and end up regretting later. We are going to explain those factors in detail below:

Variable suction: This feature is a much-have thing, especially in homes that have different floor surfaces. It will allow you to push the cleaner quickly on a variety of floors without any problem.

A good model generally comes with an adjustable dial that let the users change suction according to the required level. Try to look at this feature to clean all types of floors conveniently.

Control positions: The position of controls varies from model to model. For instance, there are many models that come with the lever using which suction can be adjusted. On the other hand, some units have a switch for shifting from hard floors to carpets.

Also, some come with self-adjusting tools that add extra convenience to the system. You have to choose the one that suits your needs adequately, so you feel comfortable using the machine.

Weight: An important aspect that often overlooked by the buyers is the weight of the vacuum cleaner. As we all know, it needs to be carried from one room to another usually so the cleaner should be crafted in a lightweight design.

However, please ensure that the power shouldn’t be compromised in any manner if the unit is crafted in lightweight construction. Make sure it perfectly balances both things adequately.

Budget: Budget plays an essential role while shopping a vacuum cleaner as they are available in a variety of prices. You can buy it as low as RS 4,000 and as high as RS 30,000. We have tried to cater to the needs of people with different budget.

The thing we want to tell the buyers is tried to follow what their pocket allows. Never put any pressure on the pocket that hurts the budget later.

Attachment set: There is no benefit of buying the vacuum cleaner if it doesn’t come with the right set of attachments. Make sure it come with a multi-purpose brush along with a right set of nozzles.

The presence of the right accessories set is beneficial in completing the cleaning of the house or home in a correct manner.


If you are looking to get an assistant in a cleaning job, then investing in the best vacuum cleaner in India is the right move to make. They are available in a variety of designs and features, so it is essential to stay focused while shopping the right model. Our team has tried to explain things knowledgeably, so the readers end up buying a perfect cleaner.

Do you still have a query in your mind regarding vacuum cleaner? Be sure to write it in the comment section or email us.

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