Top Best Mosquito Killer in India with Complete Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Written by Naina

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying creatures that only not disturb sleep, but also invite lots of blisters as well as diseases. There are lots of advancements made by technology over the years by crafting equipment using which we can get rid of them. Buying a mosquito killer is a safe investment that every Indian household should make for protecting their family.

However, it isn’t easier to find the best mosquito killer among this abundance of options available to shop. If you are finding it slightly tough to find the right model, then this post needs your complete attention. Our team fully understands that you can’t test tons of models before buying one. For easing your tensions, this work is performed by experts available at this platform.

After a proper testing & research process, we have created a list of top 11 best mosquito killers available to shop in 2020. Let’s check out all of them so you can invest in the right one.

Gopendra Electronic Aid for Mosquito (Editor’s Choice)

If someone wants to shop the most powerful mosquito killer in the market, we will this unit will be made for them. It is fast & convenient to use the model that is completely safe for kids and family.

All you need to do is plug it into the power outlet and switch on the button. It will begin moving mosquitoes out of your room in a matter of minutes.  There is a pretty large area covered by this machine up to 1,200 square feet.

This equipment is equipped with ultrasonic pest repeller whose job is to emit non-repetitive ultrasound. It directly attacks the nervous system of mosquitoes and forces them to get out of sight.

The manufacturer doesn’t have used any kind of chemicals for making this machine, so nothing to worry about health.


  • Super easy to use
  • Works for a variety of creatures
  • Covers pretty large area
  • Completely non-toxic & chemical-free


  • Circuits demand extra cautiousness
  • Slightly costly to buy

Hygiene 40W Jumbo Flying Insect Killer (Runners up)

This mosquito killer machine is a brilliant device for protecting your family against diseases. As it names suggests, it is a hygienic & low power consuming option for eliminating these annoying creatures in a completely healthy manner.

The main motive of Hygiene brand for crafting this unit is to help the people looking for instant relief from mosquitoes.

This machine is crafted in a very compact design and backed by a one-year warranty. It means the buyers don’t have to worry about the quality of this machine in any manner.

It offers coverage to a pretty large area making sure you don’t have to install multiple machines in the house.  Investing in this wonderful machine is a pretty solid decision that buyers can make for staying peacefully without any presence of mosquitoes.


  • Backed by a one-year off-site warranty
  • Cleans a solid square feet area
  • Extremely cheap spare components
  • Quick to install


  • Metal mesh made from below-average material
  • Instructions could have been better

Hunter Mosquito Repellant Machine (Best under RS 1,000)

If you are looking for a compactly designed unit that works in a mess-free manner, we suggest investing in this model Hunter brand. It is an electrical killer machine equipped with sucking-in fan technology for attracting the mosquitoes.

Unlike other models, there is no odor & fumes created by this machine while working in any manner. The exceptional design of this unit makes it safer & easier to use.

That’s not all; this machine can work perfectly on inverters without sucking too much power. There is also rechargeable electric swatter added to the unit for making sure it even works without any power.

You won’t get disturbed by the operation of this unit as it is pretty silent. It means you can use even in night without any disturbance to the sleep.


  • Equipped with brilliant sucking-in fan technology
  • Crafted in an environment-friendly design
  • Integrated power torch
  • Convenient to use


  • Doesn’t useful in outdoors
  • Should be kept away from kids

Boverty LED Mosquito Killer Lamp (Best baby-friendly model)

The fourth position is accommodated by this killer lamp that made for people with babes in their house. It is a powerful & effective option that works by attracting mosquitoes through LED lights & a human smell.

After that, this machine sucks them and prevents from escaping in any manner. There are no chemicals and pesticides used by this machine so the babies won’t get harmed at all.

It is the best mosquito killer that can be installed in a variety of locations like bedroom, garden, farm, or even office. No matter where you install them, the result will be a highly comfortable environment for your place.

Moreover, the company has managed to craft it in a completely waterproof & weatherproof design. The thing we want to say is you can use this unit anywhere you want even with babies playing on the floor.


  • Super quiet operation
  • Perfect for use in outdoors
  • Odor & chemical-free working
  • Safe to use with small kids


  • LED lights may be disturbing for some people in the night
  • The finishing could have been better

Jiyana Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp (Best indoor mosquito killer)

Equipped with light source technology, this machine imitates the human body smell for getting the attention of mosquitoes and traps them later in the bottom non-slip design. It is a brilliant mosquito killer for the home thanks to the availability of upgraded airflow vortex system that has a solid suction ability.

In addition to mosquito, it sucks off other small insects like moth & bugs for cleaning the room properly. Furthermore, the presence of mute noise reduction optimization makes sure your sleep doesn’t get disturbed in the night.

It allows people to enjoy sweet dreams without any annoying sound created by normal mosquito killers. Also, it can be powered by a variety of USB devices like a laptop, power bank, computer, etc. It makes sure you can even use this machine while traveling or camping.


  • Equipped with three-dimensional trap systems
  • Completely free from toxic chemicals
  • Can be powered through USB
  • Doesn’t disturb sleep at all


  • Few complaints about fan by many buyers
  • The design definitely needs a better job

Zircon Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Lamp (Best under RS 500)

The next unit is definitely a worthy option for everyone who has a little bit lower budget, but they want to utilize it to the most appropriate manner. This Zircon electronic LED killer lamp has a unique technology using which they kill mosquitoes and moths in a completely non-toxic way.

This mosquito killer lamp has a low voltage operation that makes sure you don’t have to pay too much money for electricity bills. If you are looking to get rid of the mosquitoes quickly and affordably, this model from Zircon is definitely a worthy pick to make.

Installing this unit in your house will ensure you no longer have to use harmful chemicals for getting rid of mosquitoes. Overall, we will say that this unit is a highly brilliant option for everyone seeking an easy to use method for killing mosquitoes.


  • Utilizes bright LED light for attracting mosquitoes
  • Doesn’t have any harmful chemicals
  • Traps insects quickly
  • Available at an affordable price


  • Can be powered only through USB ports
  • Minor complaints about its effectiveness

Jiyana Upgraded USB Mosquito Killer Lamp (Best for easy use)

The next mosquito killer lamp is made from top-quality ABS material that equipped with human bionic technology for attracting mosquitoes. There is a pretty solid air circulation system offered by the unit that allows it to trap the mosquitoes immediately in the tray.

Furthermore, it doesn’t emit any radiation that can be harmful to health. This highly convenient to use model get power using a USB charging cable and can be even charged using a mobile phone.

The company has added a strong fan vortex that makes it impossible for mosquitoes to escape the tray. There is a pretty large area covered by this killer for ensuring that you don’t have to shop too many devices.


  • Equipped with a very strong circulation system
  • Manufactured using high-quality ABS material
  • Very convenient to use
  • Based on human bionic technology


  • LED quality isn’t good at all
  • The non-removable wire might be an issue

Hygiene Mini Zapper V2 (Best for quick work)

Everyone prefers to get rid of these annoying creatures as soon as possible. This machine is made by Hygiene brand for such individuals. They deliver it with a solid one-year warranty that the company fulfills in every possible manner.

It is very effective in cleaning insects thanks to its high voltage functionality. A mesh of 1.5 mm density is added to the unit that allows the machine to kill insects with ease.

The product is manufactured completely in India following “Make in India campaign” so you can also contribute to the country’s economy by buying it. The company has tried to add every possible feature in this mosquito killer for making it useful for the households.

Overall, we want to say it is a solid model that crafted wonderfully by the company and allow the users to get rid of mosquitoes.


  • Equipped with magnificent mesh
  • Designed precisely using CNC machining
  • Kills insects effectively
  • Backed by a one-year warranty


  • Uses high voltage to operate
  • The design has many flaws

Sasimo Electronic LED Mosquito Killer (Best budget-friendly pick)

If you have a little bit lower budget and want to get most of it while shopping the best mosquito killer, then this option from Sasimo brand is all you need to make.

It releases the light wave of nearly 365 Nm that invites the mosquitoes. The machine further uses eradication technique for killing them in a completely environment-friendly manner.

On top of that, there is pretty strong suction provided helping in sucking the mosquitoes and later killing them. The results can further improve if you switch off the lights in other rooms. Another good thing about this unit is its safety for women and babies.


  • Super affordable to buy
  • Equipped with a powerful vortex
  • Kills mosquitoes effectively
  • Solid eradication technique


  • Packaging should be better
  • Emits huge light

HNESS Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer (Best eco-friendly pick)

If you are one of those people who prefer eco-friendly things in your home, we have a brilliant option in the form of HNESS trap lamp. This machine deals with the mosquitoes in a killer style without using any harmful technique.

It is based on the eradication method where mosquitoes get killed instead of getting trapped. We will say this one is the best mosquito killer thanks to the way the company has crafted the unit.

It is manufactured & sold by the company in two beautiful colors- blue & pink. The release of solid light waves grabs the attention of mosquitoes which come near the lamp & get killed.

Apart from efficient working, installing this unit is quite easy and doesn’t take too much time at all. Overall, it is an excellent equipment that you can install in your house for getting rid of mosquitoes.


  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Incredible inhaling power
  • Releases solid light waves
  • Give solid suction


  • Outer body quality is average
  • Complaints about longevity by a few buyers

TrustBasket Mosquito Killer Trap (Best for pregnant women

We all know there is always a need to take extra precautions when there is a pregnant woman in the house. This mosquito killer is a whole & environmental-friendly unit that doesn’t leave any bad smell making sure no one gets irritated.

Additionally, there are no harmful pollutants used by machine by keeping the health of mother & upcoming kid in mind. Furthermore, it grabs the insects without creating buzzing or zapping in any manner.

In fact, this equipment offers three-way protection from a variety of flying insects along with mosquitoes. It uses UV light for attracting insects that the machine later traps. Besides that, the entirely mute operation of this unit coupled with low light that doesn’t disturb the sleep in any manner.

The manufacturer distributes this unit with a one-year warranty that is pretty great. All in all, it is a wonderful unit that kills the mosquitoes without putting your health on risk.


  • Non-harmful for the environment
  • Doesn’t create any noise
  • Provide three-way protection
  • Don’t leave any bad smell


  • Efficiency questioned in bright light

Does the mosquito killer even work?

Well, the effectiveness of a mosquito killer depends on a great number of factors. There is no doubt that it is an excellent option for those who want to stay away from repellent spray smells or allergies caused by them. Moreover, it is a perfect long-term solution for problems caused by mosquitoes. However, the thing we want to say here is its exact effectiveness depends on a great number of factors that range from population size to what kind of location you are using it. There will be no use of this machine if you are using it an area closer to the breeding grounds.

Questioning the ability of a mosquito killer in an indoor area can’t be asked if you have invested a quality model. It doesn’t mean that the outdoor traps are of no use. They can also give top-class results in the long run if used in combination with some eradication techniques. Please understand there are certain limitations of technology that everyone has to follow.

What are the benefits of buying a mosquito killer?

If you aren’t still 100% assured about whether to invest in a mosquito killer or not, please let us tell you about some benefits it brings. We have mentioned them in detail below:

  • Easier Cleaning

The majority of options crafted in a detachable design that makes it super easy for the users to clean them. There is only a need to detach the bottom and discard the dead creatures it caught. After all, you have to put it back on, and that’s it. There is nothing complicated involved in the cleaning process of this unit at all.

  • Non-annoying & quiet

The most significant benefit of using a good mosquito killer is it doesn’t leave any annoying smell during the operation. Moreover, their super-quiet working ensures your sleep doesn’t hurt at all.

  • Safe to use

If you invest money in a quality mosquito killer, there will be no need to worry even in the case of small kids. They are entirely safe to use in all parts of the home. It doesn’t harm kids & pets in any manner.

  • Simple to use

The most significant advantage offered by the mosquito killer its straightforward use even if you are using this equipment for the first time. There is no need to add any insecticides or similar toxic thing to let this machine work. All you need to do is provide a power source, and things are good to go.

Buying Guide to choose the Best Mosquito Killer?

There are lots of essential factors that can affect your decision while shopping a mosquito killer. Many buyers don’t care about them too much, but you shouldn’t be one of them. We have created a list of those factors and written about them in detail below:

  • Mosquito Size

The most crucial factor that you need to take care of while shopping this equipment is the size of mosquitoes in your area. All the killers are useless if you put them near the infestation point. Instead, you have to use the eradication techniques for this purpose.

If you want to use it in the house, then the advanced level mosquito killer is the right option to go for. On the other hand, lights traps can work brilliantly for eliminating mosquitoes near the garden.

  • Budget

The next thing you need to take into consideration is the budget while shopping a mosquito killer. You can easily get a brilliant model under RS 500, but it may have a little bit less effectiveness.

However, you can end up shopping a brilliant model by paying between RS 700 & RS 1,000 quite quickly that will cover up a pretty large area.

  • Durability

No one will prefer to shop a mosquito killer that constructed using poor quality materials. There is a chance that it will accidentally fall at some point in time. So, it should be capable enough to deal with such issues efficiently.

It is important that the outer body of the unit should have reliable durability to last long.


This equipment is an excellent option for protecting your family against the mosquitoes and other bugs. Almost all the Indian cities have mosquito problems which are the reason for many diseases. Select the best mosquito killer from the list we have provided to you. Each of them is an exceptional model and can work brilliantly.

If you have a query regarding this equipment, please write about it through email or comment. Also, tell about your previous experiences with a mosquito killer for helping fellow readers.

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