Top 12 Induction Cooktop in India to Purchase in 2020 Detailed Reviews with Buying Guide

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Are you looking to purchase the best induction cooktops in India? If, yes, then you have certainly come to the right place.

Induction cooktops heats the pans/pots directly rather than using gas-heated or electric element. Hence, they are able to cook food at a faster rate and perhaps at a lower maintenance cost as compared to electric or gas stoves.

Besides this, the surface of the induction cooktop remains cool and thus the chances of splatters, spills and boil overs are quite rare. All these make induction cooktop cleaning quite easy and quick.

Moreover, the Indian market is flooded with several induction cooktops product and hence selecting the best product is never easy.

Hence, to help out our users, we have up with a list of the best induction cooktops in India alongside an exclusive buying guide.

Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 Induction Cooktop

This is the first product that features on our list of the best induction cooktop in India. Philips has for quite some time producing top quality induction cooktop and this product is no different.

It is perhaps a stylish and sleek cooktop having a microcrystal plate. Also, it is quite portable and compact and therefore it won’t occupy much of your space in the kitchen. Also, the product is designed in such a way that vitamins and nutrients present in the food are retained.

Adding to it, the product comes along with 6 pre-set menus that can help you to cook various Indian dishes. Moreover, it also comes along with an automatic shut-off feature that is useful once the dish is cooked.

Further, it offers a 1.2-meter cord that comes handy whenever you would wish to move the product. Talking about power, it consumes 2100 watts through which food can be cooked in quite less time.

The best part is that it comes with a warranty of 1 year and thus it is going to last for long.


  • It is backed with an auto-shutoff feature
  • The product is equipped with a premium quality glass panel
  • It offers digital touch


  • It produces a bit of noise

Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 Induction Cooktop

If you are looking for an induction cooktop that offers you great value for money, then you should opt for Bajaj Majesty ICX. This product helps in cooking the food at a very faster rate and perhaps quite efficiently when compared to a normal gas stove.

Also, it comes alongside a unique tact switch that offers great convenience to the customers. One great aspect that we liked in this product is that it offers a touch functionality which makes cooking quite effortless. Additionally, it has been tailor-made for both Indian and western cooking.

Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 is also equipped with 8 Preset menus and thus your favorite dishes can be cooked in a very simplified way. With, Pre-set menus you are indeed going to save a lot of effort and time.

It is available in a very elegant design alongside a digital LED display that can come quite handy while you are cooking. A polished glass body is available with the product which looks quite beautiful and indeed offers a smart solution to the kitchen requirement that you might be having.

Lastly, it offers a power capacity of 1900 W which is quite efficient for fulfilling your cooking requirements. It is also backed with a big heating surface and thus larger pans can be very well used.


  • It comes with 8 preset menu option
  • This product has a very elegant design
  • A 1900 W capacity is available with this product


  • Pan detection of this cooktop is not sensitive

V-Guard VIC-15 Induction Cooktop

There are several induction cooktop products available in the market and therefore selecting the right product can be quite a difficult task. In such a scenario, V-Guard VIC-15 can be an ideal option for you.

This induction cooktop is a blend of both intelligent and thoughtful design. It is also a very powerful product having a very polished finish. Additionally, VIC 15 can be used in enhancing the kitchen and thus it can make cooking quite an enjoyable experience.

Also, if your area witnesses high voltage fluctuations, then V15 can come to the rescue as it can operate in the voltage range of 100 V – 270 V. You can also get access to a seven-segment digital display with this product.

Additionally, advanced timer functionality is also available that you can set up to 4 hours. Once the time slot is over, then it can automatically get switched off. Adding to it, eight different levels of power settings are available to cook as per your need.

V-Guard VIC-15 offers 7 preset cooking functions such as slow cooking, boiling, etc. through which you can easily save your efforts and time. You also get the luxury of switching to manual mode whenever you would want.

Additionally, the power output offered by this product is 2000 W and at the same time, it is very energy efficient. This induction cooktop uses crystalline glass which gives a very sleek finish and it is easy to clean as well. Lastly, it is quite durable as it uses a copper coil.


  • It is easy to use
  • The product is quite compact
  • 7 preset cooking functions available


  • Plastic present on the back could have been better

Preethi Trendy Plus 116 Induction Cooktop

This is yet another product that makes our list of the best Induction cooktops in India. Preethi Trendy Plus 116 offers user-friendly features and contemporary design which is the result of extensive customer feedback and diligent research.

As a result, your everyday cooking can become a lot flexible and fast. It also offers One Touch menu having 6 preset options using which you can cook food quite easily and in a hassle-free manner.

This induction cooktop is also highly efficient which means that it offers 4 times more savings as compared to traditional cooking. IGBT controls the pre-programmed setting which results in lesser power consumption.

It is also relatively safe to use as it provides much-needed protection against the short circuit.

As far as convenience is concerned, then this product has everything covered as it comes along with a large heating base that can easily accommodate larger base vessels. Also, a long wire cable cord is present with this product which provides the much-needed convenience.

Talking about durability, it comes along with high-quality ceramic plate which can withstand high temperatures quite easily.


  • It offers a one-touch menu
  • This product is highly durable
  • It is very energy efficient


  • Built quality could have been a little better

Prestige PIC 15.0+ Induction Cooktop

Prestige is a popular kitchen appliance brand offering a wide range of products which also includes induction cooktop. This prestige kitchen top is equipped with full procedure computer control which automatically adjusts the temperature and power for different kinds of foods and thus helps in cooking efficiently.

Also, it has feature touch buttons through which water entry is prevented in the cooktop. It also has a timer function alongside the pause function which provides the much-needed convenience. The following product comes along with keep warm function through which food is kept warm for 4 hours which makes it quite comfortable to use.

The best thing we liked about this cooktop is that it has an automatic voltage regulator which checks for the voltage variance. Additionally, it is backed with in-built power saver technology that makes this product quite energy efficient.

Prestige PIC 15.0+ offers anti-magnetic walls which ensure that only the center of the glass panel gets heated while the remaining surface doesn’t get heated. Lastly, this induction cooktop offers Indian menu options through which you can cook Indian food with just a touch of a button.


  • You get access to feature touch buttons
  • It is equipped with keep warm functionality
  • The product comes along with Automatic voltage regulator


  • Customer service needs to improve

Pigeon by Stovekraft Rapido Induction Cooktop

Pigeon Induction cooktops are available in different kinds of models with amazing safety features, attractive designs, and utility features. Today, we would be talking about Pigeon by Stovekraft Rapido Induction cooktop. This product is known to provide great performance and efficiency and at the same time comes at a very competitive price tag.

It offers a faster cooking option which can potentially help you to save a lot on your electricity bills. Moreover, it is backed with a 2100 watt powerful capacity through which you can easily cook a wide range of foods.

This kitchen appliance offers 8 Indian preset menus alongside a touch panel through which you can very well enjoy the cooking experience.

The product is also backed with a flexible and lightweight design and thus it can easily fit into your kitchen. Additionally, it makes use of electromagnetic induction mechanism such that your cooking is comfortable and safe.

Another interesting feature that this product offers is the dual heat sensor technology through which heat is adjusted accordingly. The best part is that it is equipped with an automatic shut off feature that gets switched off once the cooking is finished.

Lastly, it has push buttons that help out in navigating for efficient and smooth functioning of this product.


  • It comes along with feature touch option
  • The product is backed with automatic shut off feature
  • It is quite lightweight


  • Digital touch control could have been better

Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01

Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 is a great product to use as it doesn’t require any installation. It is equipped with electronic induction technology which ensures that you get great heat efficiency. Also, it can cook the food at a faster rate as compared to a gas stove.

Moreover, it makes food nutrition-rich and thereby prevent vitamin loss. Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 also comes along with a time setter through which you can set the time between 0-3 hours. This appliance has also been programmed keeping the Indian customers in mind.

It is also backed with a power of 2100 Watts and therefore fast cooking is promoted. Another interesting feature that you will find in this product is the touch start button and thus using this product gets quite easy.

Lastly, Philips is quite concerned about the environment and thus all its product is quite eco-friendly.


  • It is quite Eco-friendly
  • The product offers a very fast cooking
  • It offers a very high efficiency


  • Sometimes operating the control can get difficult

Usha Cook Joy (3616) Induction Cooktop

Off lately, Usha has come up with some great performing products and one of them is Usha Cook Joy 3616. This product is equipped with an auto-saving mode that helps in preventing overheating.

Besides this, it comes along with pan sensor functionality through which this kitchen appliance can only operate if cookware is present on the surface. It is also backed with a very aesthetic design. Moreover, it is quite portable which makes it quite easy to maintain and use.

This product is available in black color and its top surface is manufactured using ceramic plate through which the heat is distributed evenly. Furthermore, it can easily fit into your kitchen space and perhaps help you out in your day to day life.

This induction cooktop is also available with extra-long cord and thus you can easily move it from one place to another. It is available in 5 pre-set cooking options and thus you can cook all your favorite items without any kind of hassle.

Adding to it, it generates a power of 1600 watts and therefore it promotes highly efficient cooking. Usha Cook Joy 3616 is very energy efficient as it just heats the utensil and not the complete ceramic plate.

An interesting feature we liked is push buttons available on the touch panel through which the temperature and timer can be easily set. Lastly, it has an LED display unit through which you can read the heat indicator as well as readings.


  • It is backed with pan sensor technology
  • The extra-long cord is available with the product
  • The product comes along with 5 preset menus


  • The instruction manual is not clear

Bajaj ICX Pearl Induction Cooker

Bajaj offers a wide range of cooking essentials that can easily fit into your modern kitchen. This induction cooker is designed in such a way that it can save your time as well as your energy.

This Bajaj ICX Pearl Induction cooker is quite energy-efficient and thus you are going to save on your electricity bills. Talking about the design, it comes along with semi-polished crystal glass which looks quite attractive.

Another great thing we liked about this induction cooker is the pan detection feature which switches off if the pan is not detected. Furthermore, it is equipped with 8 pre-set menus and thus you can cook all your favorite food items easily.

The best thing we liked about this product is that it features easy to operate controls. Also, the power that is generated through this is 1900 watts which is considered quite good.

Lastly, a warranty of one year is offered on this product.


  • It has a digital LED display
  • A warranty of 1 year on this product
  • The product comes along with tact switch control


  • After-sales service needs to improve

Havells Insta Cook RT Induction Cooktop

Havells has recently entered the kitchen appliance industry and it has recently come up with a wide range of induction cooktops and one of them being Havells Insta Cook RT. This induction cooktop comes along with a golden and black design that looks quite attractive.

It also offers 4 different menus options for the customers. In addition, it is available in 4 different modes i.e. boil mode, Manual mode, Deep fry mode, and gravy mode.

Another great functionality that you will find in this product is the double MOV technology which helps in cooking in a very efficient and faster way.

Adding to it, it also has an automatic pan detection feature which automatically turns off just in case the pan is not present on the cooktop.

Further, you get an option through which you can set the timer between 0 -120 minutes. Also, the temperature is automatically adjusted depending on the food that you are cooking.

Overall, this product offers great performance and therefore you would get complete value for your money.


  • It is equipped with Double Mov Technology
  • The product offers a pan detection feature
  • It comes with a warranty of 1 year


  • Timer function could have been better

Wonderchef Power Induction Cooktop

With this Wonderchef power induction cooktop, you can cook all your favorite dishes with quite an ease as it comes along with a power of 1800 Watts.

It also has a very sleek design and therefore it would make your kitchen look a lot more beautiful.

The product comes along with pre-programmed settings having an automatic shut-off feature and thus it consumes less power. Therefore, it offers enhanced energy efficiency as well as precise control.

The cooktop is also manufactured using high-grade electrical material that helps out in short circuit protection. Also, it comes with a micro-crystal plate that can easily withstand high temperature and thus it is quite durable.

When it comes to design, it is quite stylish yet compact. Hence, it can easily fit into your kitchen. Adding to it, the induction is quite user friendly and thus any sought of induction-friendly cookware can be used.

Furthermore, it is equipped with in-built indicators that indicate voltage inputs, temperature, etc. Lastly, it has a multi-functional nature and thus different kinds of foods can be cooked as per your choice.


  • It is equipped with in-built indicators
  • It features a very compact design
  • The product is quite long-lasting


  • Customer support needs to be better

iBELL Induction Cooktop

This is the last product that features on our list of the best Induction cooktops in India.

The following cooktop comes with a very stylish, sleek and high tempered ceramic glass. Additionally, it is quite portable and compact and thus it won’t occupy much of your space.

Besides this, high-quality coils are used such that you can get even temperature while you are cooking. It is also certainly worth the investment as it offers the multifunction capability and wide voltage adaptability.

Moreover, if overheating happens in any case, then the heating process is turned off automatically. Hence, it safeguards you from potential accidents or burns.

This product also offers 7 -preset cooking options through which you can save time and effort while you are cooking.

Besides this, it is backed with an LED display using which you can easily know about the timings and temperature levels. Also, with the assistance of the timer option, you can easily pre-set your cooking time.

Lastly, a warranty of 18 months is offered on this product and thus it can easily last for a long time.


  • High-quality coils are used in this product
  • It comes along with overheat protection
  • The product is backed with an auto-shutoff feature


  • It is a bit noisy

Buying Guide for Best Induction Cooktop in India

What are the things to keep in mind before buying an induction cooktop?

  • Cooking zone

An induction cooktop can have up to 5 cooking zones but in India, you will preferably find only a single cooking zone. On the other side, you can also opt for multi cooking zone depending on the size of your kitchen as well as your personal choice.

  • Control panel

The Control panel is the place where you will find various setting options for the induction cooktop.

In the market, you will primarily find three types of touch panels such as press button control, rotating knob control and touch sensor controls. In general, touch panels are a bit expensive as compared to press buttons.

In the control panel, various settings are displayed such as temperature settings, power settings and pre-set settings depending on the kind of model that you are using.

So, whenever you purchase the product, make sure that the controls are not placed too close to the element.

  • Power consumption

The induction cooktop power consumption is calculated through Wattage. You should keep one thing in mind that higher wattage would lead to the food being prepared at a faster rate.

Make sure you purchase a cooktop product that comes with at least 2000W power consumption.

  • Pan Detection

With the help of a pan detection feature, the cooktop won’t work if no pan is present in the heating zone.

This feature also comes handy just in case unsuitable cookware is used. It would indicate in the form of symbol and finally, the cooking zone would be switched off.

  • Edgeless Vs framed design

The design that you want to opt for boils down to your personal choice.

You should keep in mind that if you choose a framed design then it would be more prone to the build-up of grime and dirt.

However, with the frame design spills can be very well contained.

On the other hand, edgeless design can quite easy to clean but at the same time, they are prone to damages such as breaks and cracks.

  • Child lock feature

Several induction cooktop models come with child lock option such that the device can be protected from getting misused. When it is in operation, then all the buttons are seized except the power button.

  • Overflow protection

Some of the induction cooktops available in the market come with an overall flow protection feature. With the help of this feature, the spillage is avoided.

  • Automatic shut off feature

With the help of the auto shut off feature, the induction is turned off automatically once the cooking vessel is removed.

There can be a scenario in which pan might be placed on the cooktop and you might forget. In such a case, this feature comes quite handy.

  • Warranty and cost

The budget plays a very significant role when you purchase an induction cooktop. So, whenever you decide to purchase a product make sure that you analyze the size of your family as well as the budget that you might be having.

In addition,  lookout for a product that offers a warranty of 1-2 years.

How does an induction cooktop work?

It works on the heat generation feature with the assistance of magnetism via wire coil into the cookware. Further, by the help of alternating current that generates through the coil helps in creating a magnetic field.

The material used in induction cooktops is ferromagnetic and magnetically conductive. Further, with the help of resistive electric current, heat is generated inside the cookware. So, eventually, with the help of this heat, food is cooked.

These days it has gained a lot of popularity due to its benefits and perhaps drop in price.

It might be a bit expensive but it has great operational efficiency. Hence, it is certainly worth the investment.

What are the different types of induction cooktop?

In, India two types of induction cooktop are generally available:-

  • Single element cooktop

In this type of induction cooktop, a single element is present which ideally means that you can prepare one single meal at a time. In addition, it has got just one burner where you can place the existing gas cooktop.

Also, it comes with limited functionality and thus it is quite affordable. Moreover, it is quite portable and thus you can easily place it at any given place.

The operation of single element cooktop takes place on 120 V and the maximum wattage needed is 180 W.

  • Multi-element cooktop

This type of induction cooktop has multiple burners. Hence, you can easily prepare multiple meals at a time.

Also, it comes with multiple functionalities and therefore it is a bit pricey. The multi-element cooktop is operated at 220 V and the maximum wattage needed is 3600 W.

What are the advantages of the induction cooktop?

  • Energy efficiency

Induction cooktops are very energy efficient when compared with electric or gas cooking methods. It also results in no energy loss and thus the food can be cooked quite easily.

As it is quite energy-efficient and thus energy bills are reduced. Also, heat loss is quite less and thus accident risk is reduced.

  • Controls

In the induction cooktop, the heat temperature can be controlled quite easily. It also comes along with in-built control options and thus you can choose the heat control as per your choice.

  • Speed

With an induction cooktop, food can be cooked at a very fast speed. The best part is that it doesn’t need any additional means for heat transfer. Hence, with the induction cooktop, cooking time is reduced by 40-50 %.

  • Cleaning ease

The induction cooktop doesn’t heat up and thus it offers great ease of cleaning. All you need to do is wipe away the surface using a dry or wet cloth.

  • Safety

Induction cooktops are quite safe as compared to other cooking methods. The reason is that in an induction cooktop, fires, leakage or flames cannot be generated.

Also, it doesn’t get hot and therefore you won’t burn your hands if you turn on the induction cooktop.

The reason is that the heat which is generated remains in the cooking utensil itself.

Induction cooktops Vs Gas cooktops – What is the difference?

Induction Cooktops Gas Cooktops
Induction cooktops cook the food quite fast Gas Cooktops is comparatively slower
Induction cooktops are quite easy to clean Gas cooktops are comparatively difficult to clean
Induction cooktops come with limitations Gas cooktops don’t come with a limitation
Induction cooktops are portable They are not portable
They are costlier as compared to gas stoves It is quite economical


FAQs - Best induction Cooktops in India

Q). Why should you purchase an induction cooktop?

With an induction cooktop, you can cook food at a much faster rate and at the same time, it is quite safe to use. Hence, you can easily save your precious time.

Q). What is the durability of the induction cooktop?

An induction cooktop can easily last for 7-8 years if proper cleaning and maintenance are done. However, it is recommended that you check the warranty before you purchase the product.

Q). Can an induction cooktop be touched while it is operational?

Yes, you can touch the induction cooktop while it is running as the cooktop surface doesn’t get heated.

Q). Are special pan needed for cooking on the induction cooktop?

Yes, a special pan made using iron & steel would be needed for cooking on the induction cooktop.

Q). Can fire be caused due to the induction cooktop?

The fact is that the induction cooktop is relatively safe to use as its heating zone does not get heated. Hence, the chances of fire catching due to induction cooktop is very less.

Q). Would the induction cooktop increase my electricity bill?

Well, the induction cooktops are quite energy-efficient and thus your electricity bill would be quite reduced. The best part is that it speeds up the cooking process.

Q). Can induction cooktop break?

The surface of the induction cooktop is made using glass-ceramic composite which doesn’t break from regular use. However, if it is used roughly, then it can get scratched and even cause a crack.

Q). Is induction cooktops environmentally?

Yes, induction cooktops are indeed quite environmental friendly as they don’t burn petroleum fuel. Hence, they don’t cause any sort of gas emission.

Q). Can the induction cooktop turn off automatically?

Most of the induction cooktop comes with an automatic shutdown feature. So, whenever the cooking time is over, the induction cooktop turns it off automatically to save the energy.

Q). Is the induction cooktop easy to clean?

Yes, the induction cooktop is fairly easy to clean as the liquid or food doesn’t spill. But, if you want the product to function in the right way, then you must clean it regularly.

Final Verdict

Induction cooktop are indeed quite trending these days in the market and it is high time that you bring it to your home. The reason is that it is quite energy efficient and it cooks the food at a very fast speed.

Right now, you will find several Induction cooktop products and therefore it might get difficult for you to select the right product.

Hence, above we have mentioned the list of the best induction cooktop in India. Besides this, we have also mentioned a buying guide which would help you in selecting the right product.

Lastly, just in case you have any questions to ask or you want to suggest any product, then feel free to let us know in the comment box and we would be happy to help you out.

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