Best Inverter in India Complete Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Written by Naina

India is a developing country where electricity cuts are quite common that makes it essential to have an inverter. This small device makes sure you never ran out of power when your area has blackouts of hours. The frequency even increases to a pretty higher level if you are living in rural areas. It is essential equipment to buy in this case in every sense.

However, buying the best inverter in India isn’t an easy task due to the abundance of options in the market. Every company claims their products to be better than the others that increase the confusion. Don’t get worried when we are here to help the readers appropriately!

Our expert team has researched and tested tons of models for creating a list of top 9 best inverters to shop in India this year. Every equipment added in it has a particular set of features. You have to recognize your needs and buy the one that suits them perfectly.

V-Guard Prime 1150 DUPS (Editor’s Choice)

Manufactured by a highly reputed brand, this inverter is nothing less than a classic model that equipped with highly advance features. It is known for quality performance and easy functionality among the Indian buyers. Some unique features of this unit are single battery construction, digital signal controller, and high inrush load handling. The users can control the performance using the high-performance selection switch available on the unit.

Its lifespan is also pretty high thanks to the battery gravity builder. It is a sine-wave inverter that consumes very low power when compared with other options available in the market. Installing this unit will make sure you can enjoy uninterrupted lifestyle even if there are tons of electricity cuts. You no longer have to deal with annoying beeps and buzzers as the company has added mute buzzer option in it.

There are visual and audio indicators added on the front panel giving you information about battery charging, low backup alert, short circuit, and many more. Overall, it is charming equipment that you can install for having an excellent battery backup.


  • Very premium appearance
  • Equipped with advanced technology for convenient functioning
  • Provide long backups
  • Variety of modes for switching


  • Doesn’t come with a silencer mode
  • Some buyers may find it expensive

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Sinewave UPS Inverter (Runners Up)

The Zelio+ 1100 is the second most convincing model to shop in India due to a variety of features available in it. It is developed and marketed by Luminous that is one of the most trusted brands in the country. The company has added a smart digital display that gives notification about the remaining battery status along with backup in hours. It let the users manage the remaining power in a better manner.

It comes with a battery water level sensor whose job is to remind the users about when a top-up is needed in the battery with distilled water. The company sells it in two different variants for the catering needs of buyers in a better manner. This equipment is nothing less than a blessing for homeowners having sensitive appliances in their home.

It is designed using smart technology so you can expect this inverter to utilize battery power in an advanced manner. The presence of low harmonic distortion makes sure the inverter doesn’t create too much noise. This brilliant sine wave inverter is a top-class choice that you can make for enjoying intelligent power backup.


  • Perfect for sensitive appliances
  • Backed by ten days refund policy
  • Give proper status about remaining battery
  • Protection from short circuit & deep discharge


  • Doesn’t come with the sensor wire
  • Minor complaints about current leakage

V-Guard 1200VA (Best Sine Wave Inverter)

Equipped with a variety of selectable charging modes, this sine wave inverter is a perfect choice to make. This fantastic feature of the unit makes it compatible with a range of batteries. Switching between the standard and high voltage mode is quite more comfortable even if you are buying for the first time. It is the best inverter in India having fuzzy logic battery topping reminder that let you know about the battery failures adequately.

It comes with an incredible warranty of 24 months that make sure you can stay back at home without any worry. This beautiful model is equipped with a unique feature that reduces the energy consumption to minimum levels. It helps in prolonging the life of inverter to a higher level.

Another fantastic option that we love about this top-class unit is its digital signal controller whose job is to ensure pure power to the appliances. Also, it comes with a battery gravity builder that protects from overcharge and deep discharge. Buy this fantastic sine wave inverter for staying equipped with electricity when there are long power cuts.


  • Provide brilliant customer support
  • Backed by two years warranty
  • Equipped with top-quality copper & aluminium wiring
  • Work with all types of batteries


  • A little bit expensive option to buy
  • Light color construction might not be liked by everyone

Luminous Cruze 2 KVA Inverter (Best for Quick Charting)

No one will say no to an inverter that provides super-fast charging when the electricity cuts out. If you are looking for a similar type of equipment, the Cruze 2 KVA is the ideal choice to make. It is a pure sine wave UPS that one can install in their home or office for having a great backup. This equipment is a perfect solution for operating sensitive devices with proper safety.

Furthermore, switching off between the different modes in the inverter is quite more comfortable. This automatic inverter has an efficiency of more than 94% that is quite wonderful. There is an LCD installed by the company on this equipment that notifies about battery level and battery charging system. Also, this inverter is fully resistant to corrosion.

Installing this unit will ensure the overall performance of the inverter that generally caused due to frequent power cuts. Highly reliable power is guaranteed to your house with this incredible inverter so don’t miss this chance to enlighten it.


  • Environmental-friendly & low maintenance unit
  • Crafted in flat antimony alloy body
  • Backed by 24 months warranty
  • Equipped with sine wave technology


  • Quite large in construction
  • Lack of high input voltage range might be an issue for some buyers

Microtek UPS Sebz 1000 VA (Best for Overload Protection)

The fifth position in the list is deserved by Microtek UPS Sebz 1000 VA that is known for protection against overloads, short circuit, and deep battery discharge. It is quality equipment that Intelli power-saving technology that is considered ideal for homes who wants complete silence. This unit is backed by two years warranty and equipped with a rated capacity of 950 VA.

The total weight of this unit is less than 12 KG making sure the buyers don’t face any issue while moving from one place to another.  It is a safe and efficient model that only not offers incredible performance, but also ensures longer backups. Our team finds it entirely satisfactory and better than the majority of models available to shop in the market.

In addition to performance & noiseless operation, this unit has a rapid switching process. In fact, the majority of users suggest it to their known ones as it gives full value to the money. There is a little chance anyone will get disappointed after buying it.


  • Extraordinarily safe & efficient performance
  • Equipped with tons of user-friendly features
  • Provide extremely longer backup
  • Completely noiseless operation


  • Little bit confusing warranty policies
  • Minor complaints about switching

Microtek UPS 24A 950VA (Best Hybrid Inverter)

The homeowners looking for a hybrid inverter should invest their money in 950VA model crafted in grey color design. You will love the elegance and ergonomic construction of this unit that equipped with digital display. It let the users get information about the input and output voltage of the inverter. Investing in this unit will give you long-lasting results for many years to come.

This energy-efficient unit saves lots of power along with providing high performance. There is a battery type selection switch added for connecting different type of batteries. That’s not all; the company has also added a voltage range selection switch for extra convenience. Another thing you will love about this unit is the IBGM technology that is very helpful in boosting the life of the battery and reducing maintenance cost.

Backed by two years warranty, this pure hybrid inverter has extremely noiseless operation making sure others don’t get disturbed. It is manufactured by a trusted brand like Microtek so you can expect authenticity from their products for sure. It is used dramatically for both homes as well as professional use.


  • Provide longer backups
  • Boosts battery life
  • Ask for a limited maintenance
  • IBTM technology for increased performance


  • Doesn’t create a sound for power shutdown

Luminous Solar NXG Hybrid Inverter (Best Solar Inverter)

We are here to give something to all types of buyers, and that’s why you will see us providing different types of inverters in this list. This one is a solar inverter that allows the battery to get charged either using the grid or even solar panel depending on the condition. Better performance is guaranteed due to the presence of a sine wave output feature present in this unit. The total time taken by this unit for recharging the battery is between 10 & 12 hours.

It is a multi-colour unit equipped with an intelligent fuzzy logic feature for letting the machine utilizes solar energy adequately. The total efficiency of this unit is nearly 85% that is pretty amazing when compared with other options available in the market. It is equipped with the country’s most intelligent solar system, so saving on electricity is pretty much assured.

Overall, we will say that this smart unit is worthy of investment in every sense. Charging your battery using its latest technology will turn out to be a cost-effective manner. Also, it provides brilliant protection against overload and deep discharge.


  • Give liberty to charge batteries
  • Capable of supporting up to 600 watts solar panel
  • Saves nearly three units per day
  • Equipped with integrated solar charge controller


  • Customer support has a long waiting time
  • Little bit noisy relay

Luminous HKVA 2 KVA Sine Cruze Wave (Best Dual Battery Inverter)

The next product is created for the readers who have more power consumption and need to install dual batteries in their home or office. The HKVA 2 KVA model from the Luminous brand is created for such users with the availability of 24 months warranty. It is completely safe for sensitive equipment like laptops, smart TVs, etc. These types of inverters are significantly used in petrol pumps, dental clinics, and photocopy shops among others,

It is a great unit that equipped with low harmonic distortion for making sure noise stay at a minimal level. There is a bypass switch attached to the unit whose primary purpose is to deliver output from the grid directly. The manufacturer has also added an intuitive display that is very helpful in letting the users know about battery status, electricity availability, and many other things.

Another highlight of this inverter is an adaptive battery charging control system that makes sure the battery gets charged quickly. Besides that, the longevity and performance of the battery also get a boost with this technology. There are also great sorts of batteries supported by this excellent unit for extra convenience.


  • Proper protection from input mains
  • Fully noiseless operations
  • Compatible with a high sort of batteries
  • Ideal for homes with great load


  • Complaints about careless customer service by many buyers
  • Expensive inverter to buy

Exide 1450 VA Pure Sinewave Inverter (Best Under RS 10,000)

The last product in the list is Exide 1450VA that is a pretty high-end model providing 100% protection against overload & short circuits. It equipped with a digital signal processor that you can find in very models in the market. It ensures you get grid quality electricity when mains are off. The presence of LCD results in the incredible user interfaces along with impressive battery voltage.

It is the best inverter in India having a battery electrolyte level indicator for letting the users know when the battery needs distilled water. Also, this unit offers robust protection to the circuit board. If you have three bedrooms in your room, then we believe there is a tough chance to find any better option than this one. You will also not complain about the high noise levels created by most of the inverters.

There is an abundance of features available in this inverter that is almost impossible to find anywhere else. Overall, we can say it is an excellent product that you can buy for personal computers, kitchen mixer, lights, LED TV, and many more. Enjoy a convincing power backup without tripping with this unit.


  • Equipped with the auto-sense intelligent control system
  • Backed by two years onsite manufacturer warranty
  • Available at a good price range
  • Capable of adjusting current levels automatically


  • Indicator lights quality is very poor
  • Extended customer support waiting times

What are the different types of inverters available in India?

If we talk about the Indian market, there are mainly three types of inverters sold by manufacturers. Here, we are going to talk about them in detail below:

#. Sine Wave Inverter

The equipment that uses a rotating AC machinery for creating power is called a sine wave inverter. Almost all types of electrical appliances work brilliantly on sine waves. That’s why this version is considered the perfect options for homes. Also, keep one thing in mind that the sine wave inverters are costly but capable enough to bear heavy loads.

#. Modified Sine Wave Inverter

The inverter in which waveform is similar to a square is called modified sine wave inverters. They are also compatible with the majority of electrical appliances, but it minimizes their efficiency. It is the main reason the users hear humming & buzzing sound in these kinds of inverters. However, they are more affordable when compared with the sine wave inverters.

#. Square Wave Inverters

The square wave inverters are the cheapest option you can find in the market. However, you have to give sacrifice in the form of efficiency as it gets reduced to a greater level. Moreover, every electrical appliance doesn’t work with such inverters.  That’s why they aren’t bought often by the buyers.

How to choose the best inverter in India?

Many factors can affect your purchase when it comes to perfect inverter. Many people prefer to avoid these things but turn out to be a disaster later. However, we want our readers to suggest this situation and buying the inverter after keeping the following factors in mind:

#. Power Needs

The most important thing to check is what amount of electricity you required for operating various appliances in your house or office. It can be done by addition of watts needed by each device for operation. The example is mentioned below:

  • Fan+ Washing Machine+ Refrigerator
  • 100W+ 400W+ 400W= 900 Watt
  • In that case, the inverter that will fulfill your needs should be at least 900 watts.

#. Inverter Capacity

The thing that you need to consider in this factor is power and volt-ampere rating of the inverter.  If we talk about the power factor, it stays between 0.6 & 0.8. As a thumb rule, please keep this formula in mind, i.e. inverter capacity= total power/ power factor.

We suggest the users go for the inverter that is slightly more than the capacity of the inverter.

#. Battery Type

The third important factor that you need to check is whether the inverter is compatible with the battery you have or not? As we all know, the major types of batteries available in the Indian market are tubular battery, flat plate battery, and maintenance-free battery.

Shop the inverter once you know that it is compatible with the battery you have.

#. Protection

The battery can only stay protected if the inverter comes with the protection features. We all know that battery is costly equipment that needs to be protected at every cost. To ensure that, please ensure that the inverter you are shopping has the desired protection features that prevent overcharging and short circuit.


A significant number of people underestimate the power of this factor while buying an inverter. This unit must be constructed in a user-friendly design with a proper display showing various readings. Also, make sure the group is advanced enough to show the water level properly.

  • Budget

There are many different types of brands who compete to sell their units. It results in inverters getting sold in a variety of price ranges. However, you shouldn’t get trapped in the advertisements of any company and buy the unit if it fulfils your needs. Stay within your budget and go for a model that has the desired features.


Which model have you selected from this list according to your needs? No matter, which best inverter in India you choose, it won’t work if conditions aren’t met adequately. It is essential equipment that needs to be shopped carefully with an eagle eye.

If you have a questioning mind regarding this equipment, connect with our team through email or comment section!

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