8 Best Geyser in India (Water Heater) - 2020 Edition

Written by Mohini

In India we have long summers and extreme winters as well. Again, being completely diverse, these weather conditions vary based on the given geography. Finding an ideal geyser or recommending one can be quite challenging. You can’t equate winters at Hyderabad and Delhi as the temperature differences can be quite high. Besides, you need to look for a lot of other factors too. It can include water requirement, size of your family, geyser size, efficiency, longevity and much more.

User ratings and reviews can help a bit on understanding how a geyser performs and what to look for. But, according to us, it will not be sufficient enough to make your purchase decision as the requirements vary. We understand the basics and tried to simplify various aspects so that you can pick the perfect water heater right away without any hassles.

If you have no idea how to pick a best geyser in India for your family, read on to find our detailed buying guide and reviews. As experts in reviewing household appliances for a while, we handpicked some of the top-notch water heater variants from trusted brands.

List of 8 Best water heaters in India 2020 with Detailed Reviews & Buying Guide

Havells Adonia Storage R 25 Litre Water Heater

  • Type: Storage Geyser
  • Capacity: 25 Litres

Havells is one among the best geyser in India you can trust upon. Though it offers a multitude of geyser variants to choose for your home, Havells Adonia stands out of the crowd with its better storage capacity and intelligent heating design.

For those who look for sleek design along with better capacity of around 25 litres, Adonia from Havells strikes the balance perfectly. You can also opt for 15 litre variant, which is best suited for medium sized families.

One of the key striking features of Adonia is its ability to change colors as the water reaches its ideal temperatures. With the help of advanced sensors, it indicates by changing from blue to amber.

Storage based geysers tend to wear a lot when exposed to hard-water. This very issue has been effectively addressed by the brand with the help of fero-glass technology.

As the brand claims, you can go maintenance free for 5 years straight. Also, you can expect complete sturdiness as it is built with some of the advanced materials to minimize heat dissipation and corrosion.


  • Extremely resistant to corrosion
  • Controlled power loss
  • Sleek design with LED
  • Made tough with top-notch components
  • Sufficient storage capacity


  • Installation at your own cost

V-Guard Water Heater Victo 15L

  • Type: Storage Geyser
  • Capacity: 15 Litres

Next on our list of best geysers in India, we have V-Guard water heater Victo. This geyser in particular is known for its 5-star power ratings and free installation. You can even expect some of the accessories like inlet and outlet pipes for free of cost. It surely can save you some extra bucks.

If you look for additional safety features in your water heaters, Victo from V-guard offers perfectly safe devices. The four-level safety mechanism used in the variants ensure you and your family are safe on every possible circumstances.

This water heater uses mild-steel at the outside and premium thick-gauge steel on the inner side. In addition, to protect the inner surface from corrosion, Victo uses glass-lined coating. With all these elements lining in, you can expect the geyser to work with greater durability.

Adjusting the temperature while the device is still on can be challenging at times. But, with the dial knob at the bottom of the panel, you can regulate it on the go.

This model from V-guard comes in 3 variants with respect to its storage capacities. Make use of the free installation offer across India before it is gone.


  • Installation at free of cost
  • 4 level safety
  • Free accessories including pipes
  • 5-star rated product
  • Can be used on high-rise apartments


  • Customer service is not up to the mark
  • Takes time to heat water during extreme winters

Crompton Arno Neo Storage Water Heater

  • Type: Storage Geyser
  • Capacity: 15 Litres

This product from Crompton is a 4-star rated storage type water heater. One way or another we all have tried products from this leading player – Crompton.

Similar to the dial knob that is used in V-guard Victo, this variant also has one for you to set optimum water temperature. With this dial knob, it is never going to be too-hot or too-cold anymore.

Crompton Arno Neo looks sturdy from the outside as it comes with a rust-resistant outer sheet made of metal. The inner storage tank is designed perfectly to store 15 litres of hot water with minimal standing loss.

This geyser uses unique sacrificial anode made of magnesium in order to safeguard the inner surface from hard water and deposits. Thus, ensuring the longevity of crompton arno neo geyser.

At times, internal pressure of the storage type geysers can go beyond the ideal levels. This can be hazardous and to avoid such mishaps Arno uses 3-layer safety mechanism. The safety valve is designed perfectly to release pressure without your intervention.

Arno Neo comes with a 15 litre storage tank which is sufficient enough to provide hot water for 3 to 4 persons.


  • Unique anode rod
  • Single weld ensures no water leakage
  • 3-level safety mechanism
  • Handles max pressure
  • Two indicators for ease-of-use


  • Can take up more space inside bathrooms
  • Slow to reach desired heat levels

Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Water Heater

  • Type: Instant Geyser
  • Capacity: 3 Litres

Instanio is the second variant from Havells that takes its place on our list of best geyser in India. As the model name – Instanio suggests, it falls under the instant geyser type. The geyser is both slick and sleek and can very well complement your bathroom interiors.

Instant geysers can be quite handy in India as it takes lesser mounting area compared to storage variants. It is also available in two color variants – blue and mustard with white as base color.

If you wish for an additional water heater to use at kitchens to wash utensils, Havells Instanio can be a splendid choice.


  • Quite easy to mount and install
  • Extremely useful for kitchens
  • Delivers hot water with zero lag
  • Space saving geyser
  • Best suited for bachelors


  • No installation from brand
  • Not suitable for long showers
  • No dial knobs to adjust temperatures

Bajaj New Shakti Storage 25 Litre + Ivora Instant 3-Litre

  • Model: New Shakti
  • Type: Instant Geyser
  • Capacity: 25 Litres


  • Model: Ivora Instant
  • Type: Instant Geyser
  • Capacity: 3 Litres

When you have a perfect combo available of both storage and instant geysers, you shouldn’t let it go. Bajaj, one of the reputed market leaders in India, comes up with these top-notch geysers – New shakti and Ivora Instant.

New Shakti is a storage type geyser comes with a max capacity of 25 litres. It is best suited even for a large family of 4-8 users without much delay. All you need to do is switch on the storage geyser and wait for a while to experience uninterrupted output.

New shakti with its huge storage capacity can take up more space. Thus, it is advisable to buy this geyser only if you have enough space in your bathroom to mount it. The 4-star rating from BEE indicates that this product is energy efficient.

On the other hand we have Ivora, the instant water heater, which promise us hot water for instant usage. This comes with a 3 litre capacity which makes it a perfect choice for kid’s bathroom or for kitchens.

One of the striking factors about both the geysers is that they can handle pressure up to 8 bars. So, if you are thinking of buying them for your high rise buildings, you can go for it right away.


  • Brand offers installation free of charge
  • New Shakti comes a 2 year product warranty
  • Ivora comes with 1 year product warranty.
  • Extremely safe to use
  • Ivora offers light indicators for ease-of-use
  • Has a better safety mechanism


  • Brand doesn’t offer accessories for free
  • Storage geyser takes too long to reach set temp levels

AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-25 Litre Storage Vertical Water Heater

  • Type: Storage Geyser
  • Capacity: 25 Litres

AO Smith, an US based company, is known for making flagship products related to water technology. Though, it has recently ventured into the Indian market, gained the trust of people in no time.

Longevity of storage geysers mainly depends on how well the inner tank handles against minerals and salts. With the blue diamond coating sealing AO smith’s inner tank, you can be so sure that it will last longer than every other brand. The 7 year warranty on the inner tank just confirms what is being said.

It is hard to set desired water temperatures for a hot shower in most of the geysers. It will either be too high or low. With precision control knob offered at AO smith geyser, you can set anything between 25 and 75 degree Celsius precisely.

If you are looking for a best geyser in India which is energy efficient, then you can opt for AO Smith with no second thoughts.


  • Possible to set desired temperatures precisely
  • Blue-diamond feature ensures better inner-tank life
  • Innovative cathode design safeguards from corrosion
  • 7 years warranty on inner tank
  • Reduced power consumption


  • Customer service is not in par with other brands
  • Installation procedure can be tiresome

Havells Monza EC 15-Litre Storage Water Heater

  • Type: Storage Geyser
  • Capacity: 15 Litres

Next from the brand of Havells is the top user-rated water heater – Havells Monza. This product gets listed on our list of best quality geysers for a multitude of reasons.

One of the highlighting reasons is that it is rated 5-star as per BEE regulations. Thus, making Monza one of the best energy saving models listed here in our review.

Both the models that we have listed uses Feroglass feature on the inside and superior anode rods to restrict incoming minerals and salts. Monza is equally tough as Adonia and lasts long as well.

Monza uses flexi pipes which are known to handles extreme temperature differences. Pipes are provided along with the product at no extra cost. The braided design on the outer surface makes the pipes flexible. Also, to handle varying pressure levels up to 8 bars.

With the water capacity of 15 litres on Monza, you can enjoy consistent hot water supply for a family of 3-4 members.

As the temperatures vary with geographies in India, this model allows you to set the desired temperature. The dial knob works perfectly to set or adjust your output water heat level without any hassles.


  • Offers flexible inlet and outlet pipes
  • Free installation across major cities
  • 5-star rated as per BEE standards
  • Cool design that adds splendor
  • Inner tank is extremely tough


  • Can make slight noise while heating

Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres 3KW Instant Water Heater

  • Type: Instant Geyser
  • Capacity: 3 Litres

Racold Pronto Neo takes up the final spot in our list of 8 best geysers in India. This is the second instant geyser product in our list and has got good user ratings.

This water heater from Racold is extremely compact yet packed with features to offer instant hot water outputs. It is available for you to buy in 3 variants – 1L, 3L, 6L capacities. Amongst 3 varaints, 3L proves to be best selling instant geyser for its optimum performance.

Racold Pronto Neo with 3L capacity is good enough for smaller families or sufficient enough for kitchens to wash utensils.

Racold Pronto Neo is equipped with premium heating elements thereby producing instant hot-water outputs. Auto-cut off is definitely one of its exceptional safety features that you can look for.

Instant geysers tend to use maximum power wattage at the start and it can lead to dry heating issues. For this very issue, Racold Pronto Neo uses anti-syphoning system which basically stops water from flowing out of the tank.

The sleek design and its compactness of this instant water-heater make it an ideal choice for bachelors and people who live under space constraints. The brand also offers 5 year warranty on its tank and 2 years for the product itself.


  • Design look simple yet elegant
  • Compact to the core
  • Available in 3 capacities
  • Effectively protects against dry heating
  • capable of resisting high pressures


  • Water capacity is too low
  • Brand doesn’t offer installation services
  • Not so efficient in saving energy

Buying Guide: What to Look for in Your Water Heater?

#1. What type of Geyser should I choose?

Instant Geyser:

If you are too concerned about saving some space or looking for a geyser that can deliver hot-water instantly, then you should go for Instant water heaters. You can also look for other key-factors before choosing one;

  • Best suited for nuclear families (3 or less members)
  • If the water requirement is not too high (6 litres or less)
  • For Bachelors – working men and women
  • If there are space constraints inside bathrooms
  • Perfect choice for kitchen and other sink usages

Storage Geysers:

When you have extreme winters or intend to use for a larger family size, then storage-variant geysers are the perfect to go for. It is convenient and efficient as the water flow can be consistent throughout the shower time. Some of its other key factors you should look for;

  • Best suited for larger families (can serve up to 8 members)
  • It is available in a wide range of storage capacities
  • Maintenance can be an issue in the longer run
  • It can be space consuming (Based on capacity, it will vary)
  • Better quality components can ensure better performance
  • Hard water can affect storage tanks and it needs attention

#2. Save energy with the right geyser size

Finding the right size of geyser is crucial in the longer run. For instance, if you have a water requirement for 3-4 persons and have opted for 25 litres, it will reflect in your electricity bills and can cause maintenance issues too.

The reason is because unused hot-water inside will go to waste and can lead to max standing loss as well. Standing loss directly means you have utilized more power than necessary. On the other hand, Instant geysers do not incur any standing loss issues.

Another aspect is that when the heated-water stays ideal for too long, it can lead to leakage or create excessive load on the anode and inner coated layers.

#3. Ideal storage capacity

Storage type geysers come in a wide range of capacities. It can be anything from 6 Litres to 50 litres. Some of the popular variants and best selling geysers available in the market are of 15L and 25L capacities. How exactly should we pick the

  • If you intend to use the geyser for kitchens, you can opt for instant types with a capacity of 3 Litres
  • Be it shower or using buckets, a 15L storage geyser can serve a family of 3-4 members
  • Similarly, a geyser with 25L capacity is sufficient enough to serve a family of 4-8 members.
  • Instant water heaters with a capacity of 6 Litres can be handy for a family of 2-3 members.

#4. Select a geyser that lasts long

A geyser that uses premium components along with state-of-the-art technology can increase longevity. If your geyser lasts long, you can save a lot on maintenance and accessories.

  • Look for brands that is equipped with premium components
  • Opt for models that offer max warranty on inner tank
  • Look for key safety features such as valves to vent out excess water pressure
  • Anodes used should restrict minerals and salts from depositing on the inside
  • Heating elements should be resistant enough to handle extreme temperatures

#5. Other additional factors/features to look for

Besides the key factors discussed above, you should also look for other add-on features before buying your water heater.

  • Control knob to set optimum water temperatures
  • Digital indicators to display temperature levels
  • Flexible pipes – Both inlet and outlet
  • Remote control for max convenience
  • Auto cut off features for better safety
  • Better availability of accessories and spares

Final thoughts

This list of best geysers in India is handpicked by our expert team of reviewers based on wide array of exceptional features and factors. In parallel to performance based factors, we also made sure the listed products are safe enough.

No matter how good your geyser is equipped with safety features, you need to understand the basics to avoid mishaps. The max thermostat value that you find in geysers may not be ideal for taking hot showers.

Most of the variants that we discussed in the review offer auto cut-off in order to reduce electricity usage and dry-heating issues as well. However, it is necessary to be extra-cautious to power off the device when not in use.

We certainly hope that this curated list of best geysers in India can act as a handy guide in shaping your thoughts to make well informed purchase decisions.

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