Top 8 Best Hair Dryer in India 2020 Detailed Reviews & Buying Guide

Written by Mohini

Every human being loves getting a salon level and a gorgeous hairstyle on an everyday basis.

But, the next question that must be coming in your mind would be how you can achieve that. Well, to do so, you will probably need the best hair dryer in India.

A hairdryer is an electric device that is purposely used for styling and drying the hair. It makes use of electric fan such that it can blow the air through a heating coil.

Further, once the air goes through the dryer, then it heats up. So, whenever the warm reaches out to the wet hair, then evaporation takes place.

Hair Dryers are used for several purposes such as hair straightening, locking curls and creating volume.

In the current time, you will find several hair dryer products in India. But, selecting the right one is not easy.

Hence, to help you out, we have come up with the list of 8 best hair dryers in India to purchase in 2020.

We have tested several products before compiling our final list. Thus you should rest assured that you will get a top-notch recommendation from us.

Besides this, we have also included a buying guide that you should go through such that you can select the right product. 

So, without any delay, let us have a look at the list of products.

Havells HD3201 Hairdryer

This is the first product that features on our list of the best hair dryer in India. Havells has been for quite some time manufacturing a wide range of Hair Dryer products that are very much liked by the public.

So, you can efficiently flaunt your favorite hairstyle with this Havells HD3201 Hairdryer. It provides double protection from overheating and thus any sought of Frizz is eliminated. Further, it ensures that you get glossy, soft and well-managed hair.

This hair dryer offers a power output of 1500 W for a powerful and speedier blow dry. Hence, it can be widely used for regular styling. Another great feature that we liked in this product is Iconic care which assists in dust neutralization and thus Frizz is reduced in the hair.

Besides this, the cuticle is also flattened and thus makes the hair shiny and smooth alongside keeping it healthy and hydrated. It also has a cool air shot feature through which low-temperature airflow is used to style once the drying session is ended.

This gives very long-lasting results and thus it gets quite easy to create a very smooth finish and perhaps retain your style. The product also has a fixed concentrator which directs the airflow level in some of the specific sections for detailed and precise blow-drying.

Further, Heat Balance technology is available with this product which ensures that heat is distributed in the uniform form to ensure damage to the hair is prevented. Hence, there is quite less heat exposure.

Also, a 1.6 m power cord is provided with this product such that you get maximum convenience and flexibility. Lastly, with this Hairdryer, you get a storage hook and thus it acts as a perfect storage option.


  • A power cord of 1.6 M is provided with this product
  • It comes along with Ionic care feature
  • It offers a power output of 1500 W


  • It has a non-detachable nozzle

CHAOBA 2800 Hair Dryer

If you in search of a professional Hairdryer, then you should look no further than CHAOBA 2800 Hair Dryer. It has the caliber to provide lustrous and shiny hair in a few minutes. The blowing air maintains the locks of your hair without damaging them.

Besides this, the hairdryer is quite easy to use and also the temperature can be adjusted as per your style and need. The product has also been designed with great precision and accuracy to ease out the appliance usage. It is also manufactured keeping the end-user need in mind.

Moreover, it offers a firm grip and thus your hands are prevented from slipping. CHAOBA 2800 Hairdryer also has an adjustable speed making it an ideal dryer. Also, the fan speed can be easily changed as per the kind of hairstyle that you need. It is equipped with high-quality buttons that help in adjusting the speed of the fan.

All you would have to do is switch on the button and perhaps get a stylish look on an everyday basis. Lastly, CHAOBA 2800 Hair Dryer offers a long thick cord and thus mess-free drying is offered. Also, the cord is made using high-quality insulation and thus the risk of injuries and shocks is prevented.


  • The build quality is quite good
  • It is quite easy to use
  • It offers great drying power


  • The build quality is quite good

Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer

Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer comes along with a tendency to create optimal airflow levels. Besides this, it offers gentle drying power such that you get beautiful results on an everyday basis.

This hair dryer also comes along with 2 flexible speed settings such that you get careful drying. Also, Thermo protect setting is provided with this product such that you get optimal drying temperature alongside additional protection.

Talking about the design, it is quite ergonomic and compact and thus you get a modern outlook. Moreover, it is quite lightweight and easy to handle. Hence, you can virtually store it at any place where you would want.

It is also equipped with a rubberized hook that is present at the handle base and thus provides the user with a convenient storage option. Hence, it can come quite handy while you are staying at a hotel or home.

Also, it features a narrow contractor that is useful in precise styling and it is ideal for touch-ups or giving a finish. Another interesting thing that we liked about this product is that it has Advanced concentrator technology alongside a quick-heat head.

Lastly, you get a warranty of 2 years on this product and thus it is easily going to last for long.


  • It is quite lightweight
  • The drying power of this product is quite good
  • The product is quite convenient to carry


  • It is a bit noisy

Havells HD3151 Cool Shot Hair Dryer

With Havells HD3151, you can style and dry together such that you get healthy and beautiful hair. Besides this, it can also protect your hair from excessive heating.

It also offers an 1600 W of powerful drying such that you get a gentle blow-dry. In this way, you would be able to achieve shiny and smooth hair. Moreover, Havells HD3151 can also be used for everyday styling.

Also, it produces optimum airflow level such that you can dry the air rather quickly. This hair dryer also offers 3 temperature settings i.e. warm, hot and cool.

Another interesting feature that we liked in this product is that it comes along with the Cool air shot which helps in producing low-temperature airflow that you can use at the end of the drying session.

Thus, it creates a very smooth finish and perhaps styling your hair gets quite easy. Also, a separate cool shot button is available that makes the handling a lot more convenient. Honeycomb inlet is also designed in this product such that hair tangling can be avoided.

Adding to it, it is backed with Heat Balance technology which ensures that heat is distributed in a very uniform way. Thus, the tendency of heat exposure is reduced and perhaps helps in preventing hair damage.

With this hair dryer, you get a storage hook that acts as a perfect storage option. It also provides double protection concerning overheating.


  • You get a warranty of 2 years on this product
  • It is equipped with a cool shot feature
  • The product is quite lightweight


  • No speed setting is available with this product

HANA 2000W Hair Dryer

This is another product that makes our list of the best hair dryer in India.

Hana is a classical brand that has been into operation for more than 30 years. Hence, it has been trusted by most of the professional hairstylists. Some of the reasons why HANA is being trusted is due to its fastness, stability, and safety.

Besides this, it is indeed an ideal hair dryer as it offers adjustable speed. Hence, the fan speed is adjusted as per the hairstyle that is needed. It is also equipped with high-quality buttons through which fan speed can be adjusted.  You just need to switch on the button to get stylish locks on an everyday basis.

This hair dryer from Hana is equipped with Negative Ionic technology through which the natural shine of the hair is enhanced and also the frizz is eliminated by 75 % for smooth and healthy-looking results.

It is also equipped with 2-speed settings and 3 class heating through which all the specific requirements that you might be having can be easily met.  The product also comes along with an air filter which is quite easy to clean. It also has a durable and safe design which can easily last for a long time.

Another interesting thing we liked about this product is that it has a professional AC Motor alongside a heating coil. Lastly, it offers a power output of 2000 W and thus hair drying is achieved at a 50 % faster rate as compared to the usual one.


  • Build quality is quite good
  • It is very lightweight
  • The product offers adjustable speed of the fan


  • No low fan speed functionality available

Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B Hair Dryer

If you are looking to get a stylish look, then Panasonic ND11 is probably the thing that you would need.

This product is capable of giving a very glossy and soft finish and provides the right sought of conditioning that is needed for frizz-free and shiny hair. Hence, it can provide you with perfect touch-ups and perhaps a very precise styling.

The following hair dryer from Panasonic offers dual heat and dual speeds that are perfect for trying out different kinds of hairstyles. Hence, airspeed and heat can be changed quite easily with just a click of a button.  Besides this, hair can also be protected from excessive style and heat damage.

Moreover, it is quite lightweight and compact and thus it can be easily carried for all your travel needs. It also comes along with a turbo feature that produces a powerful wind that helps in setting up curls/locks in perhaps no time.

Adding to it, the hairdryer comes along with a power output of 1000 – Watt through which powerful air is provided that can hair dry effectively in a few minutes. It also features turbo mode through which you get uniform airflow such that you can efficiently dry the locks.

Panasonic ND11 also offers 1.8 m tangles free cord through which you can easily connect the device with the power socket. Also, the device range is increased and thus the dryer can be used in a much comfortable way.

It is also backed with an ergonomic design which is quite easy to operate and hold. It also has a hanging notch present at the base such that it can be hung easily through a hook near a wardrobe or closet.


  • It comes along with an ergonomic design
  • The product offers a dual-speed selection
  • It is equipped with 1.8 m tangle-free cord


  • No cool option present with this product

Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer

The Philips HP8120/00 Hairdryer is indeed quite compact, cute and powerful. It comes with a power output of 1200W such that optimum airflow level is created. Besides this, gentle drying power is generated for beautiful results on an everyday basis.

It also comes along with the Thermo Protect temperature setting that generates an optimal drying temperature. Besides this, additional protection is also provided against hair overheating.

Philips HP8120/00 is also equipped with three pre-selected drying settings for caring, cool and quick drying. The best thing we liked in this product is that it comes along with a cool air setting using which hair drying can be done at a low temperature such that damage can be minimized.

This is especially handy for dry, fine and damaged hair. Also, this feature works quite well, especially during the hot summer season.

It also has a foldable handle which makes it quite compact and small. Hence, you can easily pack this into a small space and perhaps carry it anywhere. Lastly, you get a warranty of 1 year on this product.


  • It offers a foldable handle
  • 3 drying settings are available with this product
  • The product is equipped with ThermoProtect feature


  • The speed of the air is a bit less

Vega VHDH-05 Hairdryer

This the last product that features on our list of the best hair dryer in India. Vega VHDH-05 Hairdryer certainly packs a punch thanks to the smart working features and professional functionality.

It is manufactured using a plastic fiber body and thus it offers a very good look and comes along with a contemporary redolence technology. This hair dryer offers a power output of 1000 W and therefore you can flaunt your favorite hairstyle.

Also, it offers one cool and one hot setting for versatile drying and styling. Heat settings are used for drying the hair that is wet and on the other hand cool settings are used for drying the hair at a temperature that is low and thus it comes quite handy in summers.

This product also offers a detachable nozzle attachment that helps out in controlling the airflow on particular sections for precision styling and targeting drying. Talking about storage, it comes along with foldable and convenient handle such that you can carry it quite conveniently.

This hair dryer offers a cord guard that helps in protecting the cord and thus the dryer easily lasts for long. It also has a hanging loop that provides easy storage when it is not in use. Besides this, it has a removable end cap which you can clean quite easily

Lastly, it is equipped with a safety automatic overheat cut that helps in protecting the dryer from overheating.


  • Automatic overheat protection
  • It has a foldable handle
  • It offers great value for money


  • Sometimes you would get a burning like smell

Buying Guide for Best Hair Dryer in India

What are the things to keep in mind before purchasing the best hair dryer in India?

  • Power

The hairdryer efficiency is calculated by the power that it generates which is further denoted by watts. So, the higher the wattage, the better efficiency it would produce as compared to low watt dryers. In general, the hairdryer wattage ranges between 1000W to 3600 W.

A hairdryer with high power is generally suitable for frizzy, long and thick hairs and on the other hand hair dryer with low power is generally suited for flat, thin and short hairs. Hence, the conclusion is that the higher power hairdryer would produce a lot more heat which would indeed style/dry your hair in perhaps less time.

  • Cool Shot button

A cool shot button is a very important feature to have in a hairdryer as it can very well protect your hair from getting damaged. Using this, the temperature is brought down and indeed offers cool air such that damage can be prevented. This feature comes handy in setting the hair, sealing the cuticle and perhaps adding the shine to the hair.

  • Power cord

You should lookout for a product that offers a long power cord before you purchase a hairdryer. In this way, you would get great comfort and flexibility. Also, with large cord length, you can easily connect anywhere in the power socket with quite an ease.

  • Weight and size

It is recommended that you lookout for a product that is compact, lightweight and stylish. The heavyweight dryers are suitable for long, curly and thick types of hairs.

Just in case you are looking for hair styling, then heavy hairdryer might not be a good option. On the other hand, small size dryers are easy to carry, use and foldable.

  • Heat control settings

Heat control settings are another important factor to check before you buy a hairdryer. If your hair is exposed to high temperatures, then it might damage it. Hence, to prevent all these, hairdryer products come along with heat control setting buttons.

Some of the hairdryers that you will find in the market come with 2 setting levels while others come in three setting levels. Thus, you can select the heat control settings as per your requirement. The hairdryer that is available in 3 heat control settings is convenient for various hairstyles types.

  • Foldable Handle

With the help of Auto shut off feature, the hairdryer turns off automatically whenever excess heat is being generated. In this way, hair loss or damage is prevented.

  • Warranty and price

Hairdryers In India are available in a wide range of prices and therefore you can select any product based on the budget that you might be having.

Talking about the warranty, make sure you purchase a brand that provides a warranty of at least 1-2 years. So, if the brand doesn’t work, then you can get it replaced or repaired without having to pay any extra money.

What are the advantages of a Hair Dryer?

  • Minimum damage due to heat

If you compare a hairdryer to a traditional blow dryer, then you will notice that they are quite gentle as they typically use less heat for drying the hair.

Hence, it minimizes the damage that is caused by heat as the time taken to dry the hair is reduced.

  • Drying time is decreased

It is known that long and thick hair takes time to dry. Hence, by using an ionic hair dryer, water particles are broken down and thus the drying time is reduced by 50%.

  • Smooth hair

With a hairdryer, you are going to achieve a very smooth hair as negative ions which are released by hairdryer locks the moisture present in the hair. Hence, styling the hair gets quite easy.

  • It helps in the reduction of Frizz

Hair dryers can indeed tighten the cuticles and perhaps reduces the fizz such that you get a smooth finish.

Besides this, the surface tension of the hairs is also reduced and thus hair tangling is prevented.

  • Durability

Hairdryers are quite durable and they easily last for long as compared to traditional blow dryers. However, they are a bit costly as compared to blow dryers.

  • Comfort

One of the good things about a hairdryer is that are very lightweight. Thus, you can flaunt your favorite hairstyle without straining the shoulders, hands or arms.

Moreover, they are also quite convenient to carry.


Q). Do I need to look at the hairdryer quality?

Yes, the quality of the hairdryer matters a lot. If you purchase a hairdryer that is made using good quality, then it will last for long. On the other hand, a cheap quality hair dryer may not last for long.

Besides this, a good quality hair dryer can give you great results in terms of styling and managing your hair.

Q). Is it safe to use a hairdryer?

Well, it boils down to how you are using it. Hairdryers similar to any other appliances are the electronic product. So, if you use it in the right way, then it can give you great results as well as style and volumize your hairs perfectly.

On the contrary, if it is used in the wrong way, then it may cause damage to the hairs.

Q). How to select a hairdryer?

Selecting the right hair dryer can sometimes be quite a difficult task to execute. The best way through which you can select a hairdryer is by understanding the budget and the requirement that you might be having.

Besides this, the product brand should also be put into consideration before purchasing a hairdryer.

Q). Do I need to purchase an expensive hairdryer?

Well, it boils down to your choice but you can certainly choose an affordable hairdryer as well. The main difference between affordable and expensive hair dryers is technology use.

Expensive hairdryer normally generates the heat that is gentle while on the other hand affordable hair dryer generates the harsh heat. Hence, with expensive hair dryers, hair damage would be less as compared to a cheap hairdryer.

Hence, you should look out for a hairdryer product that is powerful yet quite affordable.

Q). How to purchase a powerful hairdryer?

It is known that the higher the wattage of the hairdryer, the faster and better results you would get. Hence, it is recommended that you purchase a hairdryer that offers a power of at least 1800 watts.

Q). Can a hairdryer come handy in reducing the Frizz?

Yes, a hairdryer can come quite handy in reducing the Frizz but that effect would be temporary.

But, you should keep in mind that it doesn’t give a permanent solution to control the frizz which can only be achieved by using specialized conditioners and shampoos.

Q). Can a hairdryer be used on a daily basis?

If you use a hairdryer to style or dry your hair daily, then it may cause some kind of damage in the long run. It can potentially dry out the hairs which may lead to breaking.

So, it is recommended that you use a hairdryer only for certain occasions. Just in case, you want to use it daily, then the first thing that you need to do is dry your hairs naturally and then use the dryer. Hence, a proper balance needs to be maintained.

Final Verdict

Everyone these days loves styling their hair and perhaps want to look perfect. So, if you want to flaunt a new hairstyle on an everyday basis, then having a hairdryer gets mandatory. Hairdryers in the market these days come with a different price tag and perhaps a variety of features. So, before purchasing a hairdryer, you must jot down all your requirements.

Besides this, if you want the hairdryer to last for long, then you must spend decent money such that you can get the right product. You can perhaps purchase any of the products that we have listed and we are sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Lastly, you must take care of the dryer in the right way. Further, clean it after some time and make sure that you keep it away from water.

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