Best Bluetooth Speakers India Complete Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Written by Mohini

A Bluetooth speaker is a brilliant invention of technology that allows the music lovers to tune in their favorite songs without worrying about connectivity wires. It is the perfect way to listen and dance outdoors & even at home.

The majority of us can’t spend 1000’s of dollars for this purpose, but it doesn’t mean that there is a need to compromise in terms of quality.

There is a need for eagle eye using which one can find the best Bluetooth speakers in Inda. It involves a great sort of research & testing that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Here, we are going to help our readers in buying high-quality gadgets by making a minimum investment.

Our team has created a list of top 10 best Bluetooth speakers in India after extended testing lasting nearly 27 hours. Let’s check out each model & go for the one that fits your budget perfectly.

Miatone Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Runners Up)

The next product in our list is the Miatone outdoor Bluetooth speakers that equipped with pretty unique audio processing technology. It is a very high-quality device available in a variety of colors like black, pink, grey, and blue. There are nearly 32 watts of sound produced without any distortion using this speaker set. It is crafted in a rugged cylinder shape with mesh fabric for proper gripping in hands.

Using this set is pretty convenient thanks to the presence of Bluetooth V4.2 range and robotic volume reminder. This female voice system will notify the users regarding power on & off, low battery, and pairing. We believe that you will amaze to know that all these functions are available within the budget of $50.


  • Give true to life sound.
  • Crafted in rugged shaped housing.
  • Perfect for outdoor sports.
  • Equipped with a handy set of features.


  • Battery life is pretty low.

Anker Bluetooth Speaker (Best Bang for Buck Pick)

Do you want to buy an ultra-cheap unit having a hell of the features? If yes, then move on to this Bluetooth speaker from Anker brand. It is one of the most selling units having a battery life up to 24 hours allowing the users to play nearly 500 songs. There are three colors available in this unit like black, red, and black. It has a very lightweight construction that can work perfectly with all the Bluetooth devices.

It has a very irresistible finish having curved edges and sleek controls that complements the style of your décor. There are a dual full-range driver and a fine-tuned digital signal processor for producing crispy sound at both highs and lows. The presence of Bluetooth 4.2 technology allows you to maintain a solid connection up to 66 feet in the area.


  • Easy to set up & play.
  • Incredible Bluetooth range.
  • Solid 24 hours battery life
  • Produces crispy sound.


  • Durability is on the lower side, but no offense at this price.

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra (Best for Portability)

If you want to shop an affordable model that performs wonderfully in terms of portability, then shop the OontZ Angle 3 without any further research. It is a pretty amazing unit with a Bluetooth range of 100 foot that is very cool at this price. You can shop it in both black & white colors. Some exceptional features of this best Bluetooth speaker under 50 are distortion-free sound, dual precision stereo drivers, and wireless connectivity.

You can play music for up to 20 straight hours on a single charge with this unit. Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, it features other options like 3.5 mm audio cable and micro USB charging system for the convenience of the buyers. Overall, we can say that it is a perfect combination of large bass and quality sound from Cambridge SoundWorks.


  • Very convenient to use & setup.
  • Produces crispy sound.
  • Crafted in a sleek & durable design.
  • Available at a reasonable price.


  • Little bit distortion at higher volumes.
  • Complaints about missing minor production.

Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speakers

This budget Bluetooth speaker is a worthy candidate for being part of this list due to plenty of reasons. The Tribut XSound is capable of beating products way above its price range by a mile. It gets loud in volume with minimal distortion and average bass that is satisfactory at this price range. There is IPX7 water-resistant rating provided to this unit along with incredible battery life.

This highly generic speaker can work comfortably with all types of electronics with Bluetooth connectivity. It is very easy to use unit that comes with controls for power, Bluetooth pairing, and media playback on the top side. Overall, the buyers are pretty happy with its performance as it gives all the investment back to them.


  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • Superior IPX7 water resistance.
  • Produces expansive sound.
  • Available in two beautiful colors.


  • Not perfect for rock music.
  • After-sales service is pretty bad.

Doss Soundbox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Best for Colorful Lighting)

A great number of music lovers prefer to hear music along with lights. If that’s the case with you, then invest money in the Doss Soundbox Pro that is available in three gorgeous colors. It’s incredible phases perfectly with the beats and comes with three illuminations and six color patterns. Apart from that, the Bluetooth quality of this unit is quite sharp and work up to a distance of 66 feet.

It has a completely wireless stereo pairing for the convenience of buyers. This product is available in colors like black, blue, and grey. The light equipped by this unit is blue making it perfect for a dance party or a music event.


  • Capable of filling each corner of place with sound.
  • Produces terrific sound.
  • Available in three gorgeous colors.
  • Solid compatibility.


  • Complaints about defective charger.

Aomais Sport II

Without any doubt, the Aomais Sport II is capable of performing beyond the expectations and designed especially for outdoors. It produces a staggering 20Ws of solid sound that looked pretty amazing to the ears. There are pretty amazing acoustic drivers having advanced digital noise reduction feature for delivering crispy sound.

Its speaker is pretty durable & rugged that can last for many years to come. The company has crafted it in three beautiful colors like orange, green, and black. The availability of an IPX7 waterproof rating makes sure the unit stay protected from dust, rain, shock, and snow. When it comes to Bluetooth connectivity, this unit performs pretty well that up to 100 feet.


  • Built-in battery lasts up to 30 hours.
  • Extended wireless connectivity.
  • Exceptional voice cancelling ability.
  • Available in three beautiful colors.


  • Difficult to understand instructions.

Vanzon X5 Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Best Lightweight Bluetooth Speaker)

If you want to buy an extremely lightweight Bluetooth speaker, then the Vanzon X5 Pro is the ideal choice to make. It has a pretty solid waterproof construction having proper arrangements for the protection of internal & outer body. There is a 3,600 mAh lithium-ion battery that can last up to 24 hours without any problem.

It comes with a great set of classic features having a solid wireless range up to 66 feet for better connectivity. There are three play modes added in this unit making it perfect for a variety of situations like travel, outdoors, and party.


  • Very compact & lightweight construction.
  • Crafted with a waterproof design.
  • Very affordable to buy.
  • Paired perfectly with stereo playback system.


  • Volume isn’t too loud.

Anker Soundcore 2

Are you one of those people who give a great sort of abuse to their electronic gadgets? If the answer to this query is yes, then the Anker Soundcore 2 is definitely a worthy candidate to shop. It comes with a solid set of features that a normal speaker can never offer. In fact, we can say that this unit is a perfect example of great battery life, rugged body, and incredible water resistance.

This device is pretty good in terms of battery life that lasts nearly 24 hours on a single charge. We believe one can’t expect more than that at this price in any manner. You can shop this speaker in three incredible colors like black, blue, and red.


  • Fully resistant against water.
  • Produces unbelievable sound.
  • A solid range of colors.
  • Create intense sound.


  • Battery life could have been better.

OontZ Angle 3 (Best for Color Selection)

If you stay choosy about the colors, then the OontZ Angle 3 is the perfect choice to make. It is available in six different colors like blue, white, red, orange, coca-cola, and pink. This incredibly designed unit produces crystal clear sound having a mix of unique highs & lows.

Also, the volume produced stay quite louder making sure energy never get lost in a party. The design of this unit is also quite stylish ensuring that your personality gets a boost. The battery can last up to 12 hours thanks to its 2,200 capacity.


  • Solid playtime up to 12-14 hours.
  • Rainproof construction.
  • Extremely stylish appearance.
  • Available to buy in seven beautiful colors.


  • The battery takes time to get charged.

How To Choose The Best Bluetooth Speakers in India?

Many believe that there aren’t too many things to check if you are spending a little bit of money, but that’s not the right thing. There are many features we have to check before finalizing the model. Our team has written the list of those things in detail below:

Weight: A greater number of people use Bluetooth speakers in outdoors & that’s why it should be convenient to move. You should go for a model which isn’t too much bulky & can be carried away easily without too much problem. A heavy model will make things inconvenient that should be avoided at any cost.

Sound quality: If you are spending a little bit low money, then it doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the quality. Try to go for the models that are wider in range when it comes to frequency. Many speakers started to diminish when played with loud volume. Find the speaker with a range anywhere between 20 Hz & 250 Hz.

Battery backup: The next thing to check is the battery backup of this video that should be at least 10 hours. Anything longer than that will be a plus point to have at this price, but it should be set as a minimum bar.

Connectivity range: The main motive behind buying the Bluetooth speaker is to have good connectivity range. Try to find models that offer a range of at least 60 feet as it is the average that should be held by a good Bluetooth speaker.

Ease of use: The last important thing that needs to be checked in the Bluetooth speakers is “how easy it is to use it”. There shouldn’t be any complicated models that make things inconvenient for the buyers. The controls should be easy to access & operate even for a beginner.


That’s all guys! Which one you believe is the best Bluetooth speakers in India? Our team has tested each model carefully for making sure you have an awesome experience. If you have any question regarding this post, then please write to us in the comment section.

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